Being A Mum

Since becoming a mother, things just come naturally I think. Before Little Girlie was born, I never really wanted to hold other babies, it was partly because I felt they were so breakable and I might hold them wrong, but also because I felt the mother might judge me on what I did exactly. Since she was born, that's all changed. I love holding and cuddling her, you don't even have to think about it, you just know. Now I also love holding other people's babies, and I don't even worry about it. Some people don't seem to know how to talk to young children either, either they don't talk at all, or just talk in 'baby language' with a variety of noises. Haha. Some mother's even judge you on how you talk to their children, whether you talk to them like their babies, when they're not, or talk to them like adults when they're not. It's all a bit ridiculous if I'm honest. Since becoming a mummy, you willing do things that probably don't come naturally, and it doesn't
bother you in the slightest. For example, cleaning up vomit or poop, or both, getting boogers out of someone else's nose, waking up instantly in the middle of the night, or singing and dancing to your baby in public (or is that just me? Haha)
I love every single moment of being a mum. 
And I love her so much it feels like my heart might explode from happiness.


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