Becky Falls

Last week my dad, my brother, sister, Baby Boo and I went out for the day to a lovely place called 
Becky Falls, in Devon.
The waterfall itself is absolutely beautiful and there is a large variety of things to see and do, you can easily spend a whole day here.

There are three breathtaking woodland walks you can choose from, for different ages and abilities.
They all involve lots of clambering and exploring, which is lots of fun for children and adults too!
Unfortunately none of the walks are suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs as they are just too bumpy!

Beautiful Woodland Walk

Me, my brother and sister exploring!

There is also a variety of shows you can watch including,
 * Cute and Cuddly animal show
* Animal Encounters of the Scary Kind
and *Ugly Bug show

We watched the Scary Animal show, and my dad & sister held a
Boa Constrictor!

As well as a little challenge for children around the woods, there is also a little 'petting zoo'!

Guinea Pigs! (my favourite animal!)

Goats! This one loved my sister's sticker! Haha!

And Baby Boo really loved the Bunnies :)

Aside from the fact, that the walks and not pushchair friendly, 
I would definitely recommend going here for a fun, yet peaceful (and tiring!) day out for the whole family!

You can find a £2.00 Discount Family Ticket here too!

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