Our Family Home

Sorry I've been gone for a while, our little family have just moved house :)
I am so happy right now.
We finally have a place we can call a home. Our cute little house, for our little family.

My housing situation has been all over the place, ever since I left home.
I left home at 17
Lived alone, but then couldnt afford it.
Lived with a friend, we stopped being friends.
Lived with family while looking for a new house.
Lived with my cousin, she moved back home.
Lived with a new housemate. Ended up hating each other.
Moved to a flat with the boyf.
Moved back to my mums.
Slept rough.
Lived at a B&B
Lived in a room.
Lived in a shed.
Lived in a hostel.

But finally, I feel like this is where we belong.
This is our family home.
I'm so happy.


brionyjm said...

Oh my god babe that's quite a lot of moving!! I can't believe you went through all that.

So glad you're happy now - you deserve it!

Wish I'd kept in touch better :(

How is your little one? :) How old is she now? xxx

Sarah Bear =] said...

I know! It's a ridiculous amount of moving! Thank you :)
Me too! I miss you!
Hope you're ok.
Millie's really good thank you, she's 5 months :) xxx