Earn Gifts with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website where you can easily earn "swagbucks" and redeem them for gifts, such as gift-cards, vouchers and even gadgets!
There are lots of different ways to earn swagbucks like taking surveys, using their search engine, playing games and even listening to music.
There is absolutely no cost to you whatsoever. 
I recently decided to register and see what all the fuss was about.
If you're a mummy, you could easily spend your downtime just using their search engine, play a quick game or listen to your favourite tunes and watch the swagbucks build up.

I am planning on saving up my swagbucks and putting them towards gifts for Christmas!
It's such a great idea, and a brilliant way to earn money, without spending a penny!
You can get gift-cards for such a variety of places including Amazon, Starbucks, New Look and even ITunes!

You excited? You should be!
Join in the fun, and save some money!

For a limited time, If you join up using my link, you will get 70 free swagbucks, as well as the 30 that you get when you register!
Sign up here! or use the code whimmumblings when you register:)

Have you used Swagbucks before?
Are you thinking about signing up now?

Swagbucks is a legitimate website, where you can earn points and exchange them for gifts. There is absolutely no cost to you.


Laura Huggins said...

I used Swagbucks a while ago but found it was so hard to get any swagbucks or it took so long to build them up, I gave up.

Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

Laura x x x

Blogger said...

SwagBucks is the biggest get-paid-to website.