Save Water, Save Money!

I ordered a Free Water Saving Pack from Wessex Water, and here are the goodies I received;

Bubble Stream Tap Aerator
It is very easy to attach to your tap, and has a inbuilt flow regulator. 
It saves water by filling the tap's stream with tiny soft bubbles, so it works the same, but you use less water!

This is a fantastic product! It's very easy to attach, you can adjust the flow and it has a 360 swivel head so you can easily direct the stream wherever you want it.

Shower Save Regulator Valve
It regulates the flow of hot water from your shower to just 8 litres a minute.
You reduce the amount of water used in your shower, and reduce your water bills.

The Free ShowerSave will regulate the flow of hot water from your shower to just 8 litres per minute, to help reduce the amount of water used in your shower and therefore cutting your utility bills. It has been designed to save both water and energy to cut your family’s bills at no cost to you.

Shower Timer
This is a 4 minute shower timer. Showers are the biggest users of water in all UK homes, and the timer helps you to cut down on the time you spend in the shower. It also very handily sticks on the bathroom wall!

Two Minute Toothy Timer
The Toothy Timer counts 2 minutes to encourage children to brush their teeth for longer, and switch off the tap in between. It also has a sticky back, so your can stick it on the wall or mirror! 

Save A Flush
The Save A Flush is a bag that you put in your toilet cistern. It reduces the volume of water your toilet uses each time you flush. 
It literally is the easiest thing to fit, just lift the top of your cistern and put it in!
It could save over 5,000 litres of water every year!

I also received a Bath Buoy - Penguin Island
Bath Buoy is an inflatable accessory that reduces the amount of water it takes to fill up your children's bath!
You inflate it, and easily attach it onto the bottom of the bath tub using suckers. 
It also makes a fantastic bath toy for children!

You can get your own Water Saving Freebies Here (only available in UK)

Do you have any Water Saving Tips?

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received the Bath Bouy to review, but the rest of the products are free to order. All opinions are my own.


Lorenza Coon said...

Even the slightest stuff can mean volumes. Your readers should internalize not only the pointers, but also the underlying warnings embedded therein, about the state of water content and supply these days. Thanks for sharing those tips! Kudos!

Lorenza Coon @ Central Basin Municipal Water District

Verna Griffin said...

Water is one of those irreplaceable resources, and conservation is what we have to do make sure its supply will last up to the next generation. Anyway, I’m sure your readers are starting to buy those pieces and install them wherever they needed. It’s best to remember that conservation begins with our decision to do so, and everything else will follow. Getting lower water bills is also a great reward, right? Thanks for sharing your goodies, Sarah! More power to you!

Verna Griffin @ AXEON Water Technologies