Baby Dental Wipes - Review

Did you know babies could get bad breath?
Neither did I!

I suppose it's understandable (and pretty obvious) when your baby eat's as much as mine does!
You need to start caring for babies gums and teeth from a very early age.
It helps to ensure they have the best start to life, 
by getting them into healthy teeth-cleaning habits early.

I was given to opportunity to review some Dental Wipes from Brush Baby.
They are textured, disposable wipes used to help cleanse babies gums and first teeth. Helping to keep babies gums clean can also prevent teething pain. 
The wipes are suitable from birth to 16 months.
Each wipes come in a separate packet. They slip onto your finger which makes it easier to rub babies gums. 

Baby Boo is starting to teeth now and she also has quite a bit to eat everyday, so these are very handy and quick, so it is easy to just have a bit of a clean everyday.

I love the idea of getting babies use to a dental routine from a very young age, as well as ensuring they have healthy teeth and gums from birth.

You can see the full Brush Baby range here.
They also have chewable toothbrushes for 10 months+ and lots of variety of children's toothpaste too!

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own Dental Wipes to review. All opinions are my own.

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Sara Welsh said...

My daughter is in the last stages teething, and her gums have been in a lot of pain. I've wanted to brush her teeth, but her dentist suggested use wipes. I had never heard of baby wipes before then, but I'm excited to see a good review on them. I'm going to give them a try.

Sara Welsh |