Dear Pregnant Me

You get a lot of advice when you are pregnant.
Some good, some not so good.
But what would I tell my pregnant self?

* Take advantage of your sleep. This is advice that is always given, but honestly,
Sleep. A LOT.

* Stock up on Gaviscon. You don't want to be caught out one night when you have run out. Trust me.

* Stop worrying about silly things. Like whether you'll poop on the delivery table. 
You will. You really won't care.

* Buy plenty of nappies, baby wipes, maternity pads and PJ's. You will barely be able to walk for a few days, let alone nip to the shop.

* Spend quality time with your friends without kids.
Things will be different between you when you have a little one.

* But, also spend quality time with your friends who have kids.
Soon you'll have a lot in common, and you'll need someone to talk to.

* Don't stress over your post-baby body. It's so unimportant right now.

* The nursery that you so beautifully decorated will soon be full of nappies and toys and boxes, there's really not much point making it too beautiful just yet.

* Soon, you will have be holding your beautiful, wonderful baby in your arms and you realise, none of this matters. 

What would you tell your pregnant self?

You can find my letter to my teenage self here; Dear Teenage Me.

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