Make Your Own Seed Bombs - DIY

Seed bombs are a fun way to add a little bit of beauty to empty neglected green areas. 
This is a great DIY gift, or a fun way to spend a few hours with your children.
There are lots of empty green spaces where I live, 
so I am planning to make them a bit more beautiful. :)

This makes approx 12 seed bombs

You will need -
* 3 handfuls of air dry clay
* 2 handfuls compost
* 1 handful seeds (I used wildflower seeds)
* a cutter
* a board to work on
* a tray to dry the seeds on (takes about 48 hours)
* a big bowl

1. Start to gently mold the clay, and gradually add in the soil.
2. Mix the seeds with the clay and soil in a bowl.
3. Ensure you work the clay enough so the soil and seeds get all mixed in.

4. Separate the mixture into 12 balls, and flatten them out. 
Use the cutter to cut out your shapes.
5. Place the seed bombs on a tray, 
and leave to dry in a sunny spot for about 48 hours.
6. When completely dry, throw them wherever you see a boring green space!

Have Fun!
Let me know if you try this! :)

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