Me In A Nutshell

Hope you're all having a good weekend!
Time for a little post about me, help you get to know the real Sarah :)
I was tagged by Briony over at Feixy. Go say Hi. She's very lovely :)
So here goes, 
Sarah, In a nutshell…
Spirit Animal
Do you really wanna know? I feel I should say something like Lion, or Wolf or something. But I'm gonna be honest and say GUINEA PIG. My favourite animal of all time. Guinea pigs supposedly have confidence to open up to others, welcome new ideas, compassion, gentleness and responsibility. :)

Go-to road trip snack
Chocolate. Or Raisins. Or Chocolate Covered Raisins! haha.

Favorite movie(s)
Breakfast Club, Pulp Fiction & 10 Things I Hate About You. :)

Celebrity crush: 
Tom Hardy. Johnny Depp (so?), Emily Browning, Lizzy Caplan & Krysten Ritter.

Guilty pleasure: 
Chocolate, Jeremy Kyle (the show, not him!), cheesy movies and dancing like a weirdo. haha. 

Non-blog hobby
Crafting, Pinning, Watching Movies and playing with my little Baby Boo.

Childhood hero:  
Winnie the Pooh! haha. Ariel, Wonder Woman and my mum :)

First song you can think of that would be on your 
‘100 songs to save your life’ playlist
Dog Days - Florence and The Machine. I still absolutely love that song.

What would be your spirit animal?
What about your Childhood Hero?


Kat said...

This is fun and thanks for sharing stuff about yourself.
Do you mind if I copy this post the questions on my blog? I will link you as the source. :-)

Sending love from #WeekendBlogHop

Sarah Bear =] said...

Of course not! It's a tag anyway :)

Briony M said...

SUCH A GOOD SONG CHOICE!!!! Love it :) xxxx