Fairy Tales

I am TOTALLY interested in the original origins of fairy tales.
I love knowing where the stories we all know and love really began. How the story changed from when they begun, till the stories we tell our children nowadays.

These are my; 
Top 10 Most Freaky Fairy Tales 
- Do not read if you are easily freaked!

10. Little Red Riding Hood

In the latest version of the story, the woodcutter ends up killing the wolf 
and everyone lives happily ever after. 
In a VERY early version, there was no woodcutter. The wolf kills the grandmother and dissects her, then invites Red in for a meal of her flesh. 
Then he eats her too. LOVELY!

9. Snow White and The 7 Dwarfs
The earlier versions of this story are very gory indeed. In the Disney version, the queen asks the huntsmen to bring back snow whites heart, to prove that he has truly killed her. There are many different, but equally disturbing earlier versions. One version states that the queen wants the huntsmen to bring back Snow White's heart, liver, lungs (and every other major internal organ) so she can eat them!! Another version states that the queen wants a bottle of Snow whites blood, stoppered with her toe.

8. Rumpelstiltskin

I have always found Rumpelstiltskin a slightly disturbing story. 
A creepy dwarf does a favour for a girl, and in return wants her to give him her first born baby unless she can guess his name! 

In the earlier version, the girl ends up guessing him name correctly and Rumpelstiltskin gets so furious that he stamps his right foot so hard into the ground, that he cannot move and ends up dismembering himself!!

7. Sleeping Beauty
In the updated version, sleeping beauty pricks her finger and falls asleep for years. She gets woken up by a handsome prince giving her a smooch.
In earlier versions, Sleeping beauty gets a bit of metal stuck under her finger and she falls asleep. A king spots Sleeping Beauty fast asleep and sexually assaults her! She ends up getting pregnant and giving birth while she is still asleep. Her baby sucks on her mothers finger and sucks out the piece of metal and Sleeping beauty wakes up. 

6. Cinderella
In the Disney version, Cinderella accidentally leaves her glass slipper at the ball, and the prince searches for the woman who's foot fits in to it.
In the earlier versions, all the above happened, although the ugly step-sisters of Cinderella were furious that their feet would not fit, so they decide to cut off their own heels and toes to ensure their feet will fit in the slipper. Although, in the end, the prince finds Cinderella and birds peck out the eyes of the ugly step-sisters!!

5. The Little Mermaid
In the Disney version, the mermaid falls in love with a prince and she gets turned into a human as well and they get married and live happily ever after. 
In the early version, the mermaid falls in love with the prince, but he marries someone else. Someone offers her a knife to kill the prince, but she instead stabs herself and dies. Nice.

4. The Pied Piper

In the updated version, the pied piper is paid for getting rid of all the vermin in a small town, he does so by playing a tune from his flute which scares them all off. 

In the earlier version, the pied piper is once again asked to clear the town of vermin, and he does so. He then returns to the town to collect his payment and the townsfolk refuse to cough up so the piper decides to rid the town of children too! In the darkest version of this tale, the piper leads all the children to a river where they all drown. 
There are even references to pedophilia!

3. Hansel & Gretel 
In the updated version, the brother and sister stumble into a witches house, where she tries to cook them but they trick her and they escape.
In the earlier versions, the witch is in fact a devil. The devil is also tricked by the children, but he figures it out. He then puts together a sawhorse (a piece of equipment used to hold wood still while sawing it). He tries to force the children to get on it, but they pretend they don't know how. The devil demonstrates and while she is lying down, the children slit her throat and escape. LOVELY.

2. Goldilocks and the three bears
In the newer versions, towards the end, Goldilocks falls asleep on the bed. She gets woken up when the bears arrive home and she escapes out the window. There are a few earlier versions. One simply states that the bears arrive home and eat her! haha. Two other earlier versions, state Goldilocks to be an old woman, rather than a young girl. One ending suggests that when she jumps out the window, she breaks her neck and dies. The other version suggests that when she jumps out of the window, 
she survives but gets arrested!

1. The Juniper Tree

Now not many people have ever heard this story, and it has never been remade. It is one of the most disturbingly gory fairy tales I have ever heard.

This is an original Grimm tale. A widower gets remarried, but the new wife loathes the son her husband had with his first wife, because she wants her daughter to inherit the families riches. The new wife offers the little boy an apple from inside a chest. When he leans over to get it, she slams the lid down on him and chops off his head! The woman doesn't want anyone to know she killed the boy, so she puts his head back on and wraps a scarf around his neck so nobody can see the fact that his head is not actually attached. Her daughter ends up nudging the boys head off and gets blamed for the murder. To hide what the mother did, herself and the daughter have to hide what happened, so they chop up the body and make him into a pudding, which they then feed to the father. 
I can totally understand why this one wasn't made into a Disney movie!

Do you love reading early fairy tales?
Do you know anymore I haven't included? I'd love to know! :)


rilestang said...

Nice post!This is interesting.Never expected the dirt hidden behind glorified fairytales!:)

Jemma Humphreys said...

Ooh I loved Rumplestiltskin as a kid! :D I do love the more macabre and strange ones hehe! Fantastic post! x Jemma x

Amy Franklin said...

Christ, I didn't know about these original, dark versions and I've never heard of The Juniper Tree before now...but now I want to read it!