Nature Treasure Box

I recently came across the idea of Treasure Boxes.
They are used to teach babies how to select, touch and feel. It is a very simple but brilliant idea to inspire little imaginations. Babies and toddlers will love exploring the different items, and deciding for themselves which items to select and play with. 

I decided to create a Nature Treasure Box.
As we had recently been to the park, we collected a few bits and pieces,
In the box we put;
-  a couple of leaves, one dry one and one not
- pine cones
- grass
- seed heads
- two different types of flowers
- bark
- some pebbles
- a feather
- sticks

Baby Boo absolutely loved this treasure box.
She spent a long time sat on the floor taking different bits out, having a look 
(trying to eat them!), putting them back in and selecting something else.
She was really concentrating on the different items and having a good look.
I love this idea, and I wish I had come across it sooner!

Since I made this box, 
I have been putting a few random toys into the box each day instead.
Baby Boo will happily just sit there, exploring the new items in the box.

I highly recommend creating a treasure box for your little one.
How about making a Kitchen Box, with spoons, whisks, plastic tubs or bowls?

Or perhaps a NOISY box with lots of loud items such as keys, rainmakers or bells.
- I'm going to do this one next I think!

Have you ever made a treasure box before?

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