Nonabox Review - August

Nonabox is a monthly subscription box that delivers gorgeous boxes of goodies to your door, full of personalised products for mummy and baby. Nonabox is tailored to different stages of baby's development, from from pregnancy to breastfeeding, to from stretchmarks to motherhood. 

It's only £25 a month, and they guarantee that each box's value is higher than that! Also, all products are based on reviews from real mummies which ensures that every single item is as perfect and gorgeous as the next!

This month's box was absolutely the best I have received!
In the box we received;
Turtle Tots Happy Nappy
Water Wipes
Clear Spring Organic Fruit Puree
Eiserg Alcohol Free Wine
CdeC by Cordelia de Castellane Tights
Panyno Baby Shoes

I love Water Wipes
I do not mind that I have received these before, because I absolutely love them.
They are the perfect wipes for little babies bottom, 
and also great for taking my make up off.
They are so gentle, and if they were available in more places, I would absolutely buy them every time.

The Turtle Tots Happy Nappy is brilliant.
A little small for Baby Boo, but it fits her. I'm just not sure for how much longer. I think the product is a brilliant idea, and I really love the products. I would love to try out a bigger size!

The Clear Spring Fruit Puree is perfect for Baby Boo. 

I am always on the lookout for 100% fruit purees, as I do not always have the time to make food, and at least I know these aren't full of additives and other nasties. Baby Boo loved this pear puree!

The Eiserg Alcohol Free Wine was a lovely surprise!

 I love wine, but I am currently breastfeeding, and also on a diet. So this Alcohol free, low calorie wine is a perfect late night treat! Thank you!

The CdeC by Cordelia de Castellane Tights are beautiful.
 I love the colour too! Baby Boo is often wearing dresses and tights, so these were a lovely product to be included. They are quite thick as well, so perfect for the upcoming colder weather.

Finally the Panyno Baby Shoes are the best product in this box! 
I absolutely love them!
They are so pretty, and perfect for adding to little girly outfits. I LOVE baby shoes. Sadly they are a little small, although they do fit, just not with thick socks or tights. But they are just so pretty!

Overall I absolutely LOVE this box and everything in it.
I am slightly saddened by the fact that some of the items will not fit Baby Boo for much longer. I understand that some people are a bit peeved that these items are for small babies, but saying that, Nonaboxes are aimed at Pregnant women and New Mums. 

Thank you NONABOX - I loved this months box!

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own Nonabox to review. All opinions are my own.

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