Our Little Family - 8 Month Update

Here's a little family update for you! :)
Baby Boo is now 8 Months Old! 
Seriously, I am freaking out about how quickly she is growing up!
Every week she's doing something new!
When I wrote the 6 month update, she wasn't even sitting up or crawling! Two months later and she's sitting up by herself, crawling (very fast!)
kneeling and pulling herself up to standing!

I was struggling a bit in the beginning with baby-led weaning, but she has now pretty much grasped it. She can feed herself with a spoon, 
and pick up and eat various items like fruit, biscuits etc.

She's also got to the exploring stage, she loves leads, plugs, shelves, cupboards!
Baby-proofing the house a.s.a.p!

Things are going well with The Boyf, sorry fiance. ;) Yaaay! We're engaged! I just don't want to be one of those couples who seems to be engaged forever! 
I would like to get married! :)

Our house is slowly getting finished! I've finished Baby Boo's room. (Including putting carpet down, which my siblings and I did ourselves!) and our bedrooms nearly done, just need a bed! Haha.

I am so happy with the way my life is.
I feel it's finally the way I always hoped it would be.

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