Self Confidence - Or Lack Of

I was brainstorming blog post ideas the other day, when I started to think about self confidence. I love to write feel good, helpful, uplifting kind of posts.
So yes, brilliant! I could write about self confidence! 
But wait, whatever I write about is from the heart. I always 'practice what I preach'. 
So no actually, I could not write about self confidence, as honestly, I have very little.

In my life, there has been no specific moment in time when I have thought, 
'Yes I feel confident with the way I look'. 
Since having my beautiful daughter, my self confidence/body image has hit rock bottom. I put on a lot of weight, stopped putting make up on, stopped really 'taking care' of myself.

I don't feel I have the time to;
- dye my hair
- go to the hairdressers
- paint my nails
- pluck my eyebrows
- cook something healthy (but time consuming)
- spend time picking some nice to wear
or even have a relaxing bath

I have been going to Slimming world to try and help me shed a few pounds, so far i've lost a stone and a half, and I feel no different.
I thought losing a bit of weight would help, but it hasn't.

The problem with me is that I constantly feel 
'When I do this..i'll feel better'.
For example, 
'When I lose a stone, i'll feel better' or 'When I have my hair cut, I'll feel better'.

I don't feel better.

It really puts me down. 
Why can't I be as slim as other people?!
Why can't I look as polished as others?
Why do I always look chubby and scruffy?!

I need something drastic to change my way of thinking.
I would really like some compliments now and again.
I would really like to feel like I look good once in a while.

That's not too much to ask is it?


Amy Shearman said...

You are a beautiful lady and you should tell yourself that every day! Well done you for losing a stone and a half!

Jenny Davis said...

Sarah, you are beautiful and you'd be crazy to think otherwise. Everyone would gain weight when having a baby and it's great how much you've lost since then, you really are looking slimmer. Anyway it's what's inside that counts so even if you don't feel great about how you look, I hope you know what a wonderful sister you are (and a wonderful person in general) so don't let how you feel about your looks get in the way of you seeing that.
Love Jenny xxx