10 Ways to Make A Difference

On the 25th October it was Make a Difference Day in America. This holiday was created with the amazing goal of trying to make our world a better place.
 Everyday, there is at least one thing each of us can do to really make a difference to someone's day. You don't have to go crazy and over the top. Determine what makes you happy and gives you a sense of purpose, and then live it.whether that is donating your life savings or fixing your child's broken toy..It doesn't have to be something big. 

Even small acts can make a huge difference in someone's life."To make a difference in someone's life, you don't have to be rich, powerful, clever. You just have to care."
Here are a few suggestions for you to make a difference today, and everyday.Pick one, pick them all! :)
1. Give a compliment.The other day I told an older woman that I loved her dress.It was so bright, and floral. Just beautiful. She immediately smiled and started telling me the story of how she bought it about 20 years ago, and her husband hated it. But she finally put it on again, and remembered how much she loved it. She kept saying how it was so lovely of me to say that, and how that tiny compliment really made her day. It made my day too. :)
2. Buy a homeless person some food/drink.I used to live in Glastonbury, and it's so upsetting but honestly, the high street is full of homeless people.I will always remember a couple of people, who slept close to the exit of a supermarket. Rummaging in the bins, and eating breadcrumbs, having a few sips from empty water bottles. It was so upsetting.If I ever went in to that supermarket, and there was a homeless person by the shop, I would often purchase an extra sandwich or bottle of water to give to them on my way out.You could tell it meant a lot to them. Honestly, if everyone who ever went in to that shop did the same thing, imagine what a difference that could make.3. Make inspirational posters and leave them where everyone can see themTotally free, and totally worth it. Visit Pinterest for some motivational quotes. Print them out, or create your own posters. Stick them all over the place. 
4. Ask 'Is there anything I can help you with?'Ask on twitter, or facebook, or in real life.Everyone needs a little help sometimes. :)
5. Donate your unwanted goods.From clothes to books, to bric a brac.To be honest, I think everyone should do this regularly anyway, whenever you have a good clear out.You trash could be someone elses treasure.Pop to your local charity shop and donate today!
6. Give a gift to someone who is feeling downWhether that means cooking up some soup for a poorly family member, making a silly card for someone who's a bit upset or even spending a few hours listening to them moan or watching a movie.
7. Let someone queue jumpThe supermarket near me is always so busy!If I can tell someone is in a rush, or they have less items than I do, i'll let them queue jump.
8. Handing out love :)Give a balloon to a child, or a flower to an adult..or something similar.They may look at you oddly to begin with, but how happy would you be if someone handed you a balloon?! :)
9. Give away Free Compliments.I have done this one previously, here.
10. Click for a Cause.Donate to charity, just by clicking. It's so simple, you have no excuse not to. :)Visit here.

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