Day Out at Wookey Hole

Me and my family recently went on a little day out to Wookey Hole!
I haven't been there since I was little, and a lot has changed since then.

First of all we visited the caves. We were in a large group, and given a guided tour.
It was really interesting, the caves are so detailed..and huge! 
It was very exciting! As you walked through the dimly lit passages, and ducked under the stalagtites, you were taught about the history of Wookey Hole. It felt very mysterious & exciting, like we were explorers. Definelty an experience you'll remember.
Some of the passages are a bit slippery, but there are plenty of banisters to hold on to!

Once we exited the caves, we came across 'King Kong & the Valley of the Dinosaurs'.

With over 20 life size dinosaurs, King Kong and even a caveman or two! 

After visiting the dinosaurs, we popped into the new 4D cinema! 
Personally, I love 4D cinemas, i'm such a kid! 
We continued on around the site, and we came across the Paper Making Area. It was quite busy so we didn't get a chance to try, but it did look very exciting, learning how to make your own paper. Next we came across the Vintage Penny Arcade, and the Mirror Maze. Which were both a lot of fun, and clumsy as I am, 
in the mirror maze I walked face first into a mirror! Haha!

We then went on to watch the circus. Now. I hate clowns. Luckily there weren't (really) any, but a lot of acrobats and magic tricks! It was really enjoyable, and Baby Boo was having fun watching, and clapping along to the music too!

Finally, we played a quick round of Pirate Mini Golf. I lost. Big Time. 
But all in all, it was a really good day. 
I highly recommend a visit to Wookey Hole!
You can visit the website here.

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