DIY Chalkboard Bunting

I have been looking for a cute way to use my new chalkboard paint, as well as a simple way to decorate our bedroom walls.
I came across this idea of chalkboard bunting, and I thought it was such a cute idea.
A reusable, changeable bunting! Sadly this bunting is made of chalk cloth vinyl. 
Do I have that on hand? I certainly do not!
So I started to think, couldn't I make this out of something else? Like..cardboard?!
So today's DIY I am sharing with you, is very easy and fun 
(and I guarantee you have some cardboard laying around the house!)

All you need is;
* Chalkboard Paint
* Some (fairly strong) cardboard
* String/thread/wool 
* Chalk!

1. Use a template and cut out a few (equal) triangles onto your cardboard.
You can cut out as many as you want, 
depending on how long you want your bunting to be.

2. Paint all the triangles with two coats of chalkboard paint. (you might not need two, but I did)
You also might decide you don't need to paint both sides of the triangles, 
only the side that's on show.

3. Rub a chalk over all the triangles, and rub it off with a dry cloth. This helps the chalkboard to be more erasable next time you decide to change things up!

4. Now you can decorate your triangles, with patterns, drawings, writing, 
whatever you want! :)

5. Attach the letters to your wool/string/thread using some tape

6. Hang it up and admire your diy skills.

What do you think?
Do you love this project as much as I do? :)

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SnuggleupwithSam G said...

I love this idea, it's a great way of having bunting and changing it without having to buy new each time. Looks fab!!!!
Sam xxx