Homemade Rosewater

Hey there!
I'm bringing you another tutorial. :)

It's one of my favourite things to make, its super useful, and fabulous for your skin!

It's antiseptic & anti-inflammatory, so its perfect to any skin type!

Homemade Rosewater.

The best part is, the only thing you'll need is fresh rose petals. :)

Pop it in a cute bottle, and TA DA! All done :)

What can you use rosewater for?
Well it actually has a huge amount of uses!

* You can use it as a toner. Great for oily, dry or sensitive skin!

* You can use a bit to add a rosy fresh scent to you hair!

* You can use a bit on a cotton pad to remove make up!

*  You can pop it in the fridge, for a quick spritz on a hot day!

*  You can use it after shampooing your hair to make your hair super glossy and shiny!

* You can even pour a bit into your bath to make it lovely and rose scented!
(Maybe try adding a few, newly picked rose petals to the bath too!)

There are many many more uses for rosewater, if you just browse around :)



Embley said...

I like this!! I need to do a tutorial. I haven't put anything useful on for AGES :D

Suzy Turner said...

Hi Sarah! I just stumbled across your blog and I'm glad I did! I've ALWAYS wondered what the heck rose water is for and now I know! I'm bookmarking your page ready for when the roses in the garden bloom!
Suzy Turner

F.... said...

I would have never thought to use it to remove makeup!! How clever!

New follower from the Blog Hop!


Kay Brady said...

Hi there i am you 60th follower lol i have always wanted to make a simple rose water toner i heard it helps with spots thanks for this


come check out my blog if you want x

housewifehowtos said...

What a great idea! Pinning this. Also, I'd love if you'd come join my How To Tuesday link party, too.

Judy said...

Love this! Thank you for linking up @ Monday Handmade LInkup Party. Hope you linkup again!!

Julia Nyanyo said...

How great to know how to do this properly.
When I was a kid, every year me and my friends would fill jam jars with petals, add water and leave them for weeks on end. Then we would wonder why we had jars full of stinky slimy stuff instead of beautiful scented rosewater! I actually never wondered if this was something you can do at home, good to know you can.