The Little Things

The small things in life can often mean so much more than one big gesture. 
Appreciating the little things throughout your day can make such a difference to the way you view the world, to the way you view your life.
When you start to notice, and really stop to appreciate these little moments, life seems more fulfilling and satisfying.

I've created a little list, of the little things in life that make me happy.
They're not big things, but each simple pleasure can make a great day, if you really take notice and appreciate it.

1. Watching Baby Boo play quietly on her own. (pretty sure she talks to herself!)
2. Laughing at my own jokes (atleast I think they're funny!)
3. Chocolate ;)
4. Sunshine after days & days of rain
5. A smile from a stranger. :)
6. Dance party in the living room, with the Boyf and Baby Boo
7. Waking up to a tidy house, it does make such a difference to your mood!
8. Perfectly crunchy apples
9. Cuddles with Baby Boo
10. Cuddles with the Boyf
11. Finding money I didn't know I had 
(sometimes I leave a note hidden in my coat, so I discover it later, when I've forgetten I put it there. Thank you past self!)
12. Being snuggled in bed during a thunderstorm
13. Receiving happy snail mail!
14. Being creative, and actually succeeding.
15. Hearing the right song at the perfect moment
16. Freshly made bed
17. Fresh flowers in a vase
18. Making someone else's day
19. Complimenting a stranger (not in a creepy way! I told a woman I loved her coat today, because I did!)
20. Realizing it's still really early, and you can sleep some more!
21. Reliving your childhood. 
Watching an old Disney movie, reading a book I read as a child.
22. Watching Baby Boo grow up
23. Unexpected compliments
24. Knowing the whole script of my favourite movies.
25. Spending quality time with my siblings
26. Still remembering the lyrics to really old songs 
(I only ever remember them when i'm singing them, I can't just say them!)
27. Talking to an old friend, and it's like nothings changed
28. Looking at old photos
29. Not having anything I have to do today
30. Sitting down, having some time to myself, and being thankful for the little things :)
What little things would be on your list? 
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