Tommee Tippee Baby Food Blender - Review

Baby Boo has started eating proper food now, 
well it's still pureed, but she eats actually meals like roast dinner and cottage pie.
Mashing is..ok, but it still leaves food pretty lumpy.
I have a normal blender too,
 but that didn't seem to make her food lump-free enough either!

So I decided to purchase the Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender.
One of the best purchases I have ever made!
It seriously is the best thing ever!
I am well aware of how popular Tommee Tippee products are, 
and what excellent quality they are.
I had my fingers crossed, hoping that this blender would be perfect, it really is.

The blender has two speed settings, for puree or mash.
Sometimes I switch it up, and puree, other days I make Baby Boo's food a bit chewier and just use the mash setting. Honestly, this blender is such a life saver.
As long as you don't overfill it (I have made that mistake)
it blends food in less than 30 seconds!
It is quite loud for a blender, 
and Baby Boo was a bit scared the first time she heard it, but she's fine now. 

The blender is such a space saver as well, it's really tiny! Perfect for creating one large portion or two small portions of food for baby!
Seriously, I cannot recommend this product enough.
If you are looking for a baby food blender, look no further.
It's amazing!

Do you make your own baby food?
Do you own a baby food blender, or do you just mash it/use a normal blender?

This post was not sponsored. I purchased the blender with my own money.

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Love Hijab said...

Thanks for posting this review. It's very helpful, I've been in two minds about buying one. I'm just placing my order now. Can't wait! :) xx