Pep Talk

Self Confidence is key to happiness. Low confidence in yourself affects the way you see yourself and your ability to interact with others. A few small changes each day can boost your confidence and make the world of difference. 

Smile! Studies show that smiling during stressful times can help chill you out and lower your heart rate. The actual act of smiling triggers your brain into feeling more relaxed. 

Accept compliments
So many people, including me, simply shrug off compliments or start to think that the person is 'just saying that' to make you happy. I highly doubt they are. Accept the compliment and feel good about it. 

Have some 'Me Time'
Every one needs some time to themselves. Even if it's just half an hour to sit down with a magazine and a cuppa.

Say what you like about you.
This sounds like a cheesy one, but it's important. Each day 'say' or just think one new thing that you like about yourself. 

Groom yourself
It honestly makes such a difference if you simply have a shower and get dressed. You don't have to look amazing if you're just going to the shops..but make a little effort

Be kind and generous
Even small acts can make a huge difference in someone's life, and they will make a difference to how you view yourself aswell. 
"To make a difference in someone's life, you don't have to be rich, powerful, clever. You just have to care." 
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