DIY Fabric Paint Clothing

I had a few boring black jumpers, and I decided I wanted to jazz one up a bit.
I purchased some white fabric paint and got to work! :)

So I bring you

You will need:
* Fabric Paint 
(please ensure the paint you use is suitable for the fabric you wish to paint)
I used this one
* An item of clothing
* A chalk
* An iron
* Thick card
* An idea of what you want to paint!

1. Stretch your clothing over a large piece of card, ensure it's tight. 
You may need to use some pegs to keep it still.
2. Draw your design with a chalk onto the clothing
3. Shake the bottle and apply to your design
4. Leave overnight (at least 4 hours) to dry
5. I added another coat to the design, and leave to dry overnight again
6. Place a soft cloth over the design, when it is entirely dry and iron on a very low heat
7. Leave for at least 48 hours and pop it in the washing machine!
8. Wear with pride! :)

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