Dr Seuss Wall Art DIY

In honour of Dr Seuss Day (which was on the 2nd March), I decided to create some Dr Seuss inspired wall art! I would've used canvases, but sadly I only had one really large one..so I improvised.

To create this wall art I used;
- x2 box lids (I used my Nonabox lids)
- White acrylic paint
- Blue polka dot paper
- Teabags!!
- PVA glue
- & a Sharpie

To create the 1st picture I painted the lid white, 
a couple of layers as the lid is quite dark.
When that was completely dry I used a few teabags to stain the picture. I wasn't quite sure how it'd turn out, but I like it!
I then wrote a nice quote from Dr Seuss. :)

For the 2nd picture, I again painted the lid, just one layer, and later covered the lid with blue wrapping paper. Then I wrote another quote. 
This picture is for Baby Boo's room I think!

What do you reckon?
Easy Peasy Dr Seuss Wall Art!

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