Films to look forward to (2015)

There are actually some awesome looking movies out this year!
I'm excited!

Here are a few (I say a few, it's quite a lot) of the movies i'm looking forward to this year.

The Second Best Marigold Hotel
The first one is such a feel good movie, 
and I love all the cast. I can't wait for this one.

Jurassic World
Expecting this to be jurasstically (drastically haha) changed from the previous films, revamped for the modern age, a little bit too much. But hopefully it'll still be awesome.

Pitch Perfect 2
Sadly, probably the one I am the most excited about.
It's so cheesy but ridiculously funny.
Besides Elizabeth Banks is amazing.

Magic Mike XXL
Need I say more?

Well this film looks truely insane, so insane it might just be brilliant.
Lets hope so.

Insidious 3.
Because I genuinly liked the other two, and this is a prequel.
They scare the heck outta me more than anything else I've watched.

This remake might be a disaster. 
But lets just cross our fingers, because the story is such a good'un.

What movies are you 
looking forward to this year?

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