Lose Weight, Save Money, Look and Feel Amazing! ✰

How would you like to lose a few pounds from your waistline, and gain a few pounds in your wallet? 
Sound too good to be true?
I’ve got a few tips to help motivate you and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as saving some dosh!

An easy way to save some money is to eat smaller portions.
I always make the easy mistake of giving myself the same portion size as the boyf, and he eats a lot more than I do. This mistake either ends up with food going to waste, or me eating much more than I really need to. This site helps to show you to portion size you should be eating.

You could grow your own food. 
You might think that you need a big garden to be able to grow anything, but that’s not true.
You could grow some herbs in the windowsill, a few potatoes in a barrel and some easy veg such as carrots, leeks or tomatoes. Not only will this save you money each time you go shopping, but it will encourage you to eat more healthily as you grew it yourself!

Exercise at home, it’s totally free! 
Either follow one of the millions of plans you can find online, or grab yourself an exercise DVD and get to it. Personally I have ‘Mel B’s Totally Fit’ DVD. Sounds silly, but it’s actually really good and fun too!

Walk anywhere and everywhere. Walk to the shop, walk to the park, go for a walk just to get some fresh air, or if it’s not too far, walk instead of using the car! I go for a walk everyday with the pushchair, even if it’s only for 20 mins. It’s good exercise, and it’s free!

Make your lunch.
There are some amazing lunchbox ideas available, it’s so much healthier, and cheaper too!

Pamper yourself at home. 
As well as exercising, it’s also nice to take some time out in the evening to pamper yourself.
Instead of purchasing facemasks or getting your nails done, sit down with a girly film and diy! 
I've got some Spa DIY ideas here :)

Make some soup. 
If you make a big batch of soup, it can last you a week. That’s a week’s worth of lunches. There are so many recipes to try, and it’s so much healthier as you know exactly what’s in it. Personally I HATE vegetables, but when I make soup, I put all kinds of vegetables in, and blend them together so I can’t see them! Haha. Sounds silly, but at least I eat them then, and it tastes delicious!

Stop snacking. 
Especially if it’s just because you’re bored or distracted. Have some healthy snacks around the house instead, as well as a full fruit bowl. I always eat more in the evenings as I’m distracted by the television!

Stop buying takeaways and Starbucks
Seriously. Make your own versions of these, or just stop altogether, but seriously, it’s such a waste of money!

Don’t pay for a slimming group. 
If you’re trying to save money, it’s not worth it. 
Have a look at this website I discovered recently which counts up calories for you.

Stop your impulse buying. 
Shops are designed to trick you into buying whatever they want you to. Just write a shopping list and stick to it, it’s tricky but doable. If you don’t buy the unhealthy stuff, you can’t eat it!

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Jennifer Ovenshire said...

These are seriously great tips and I've incorporated a lot of them into my diet this year. I love the gardening one too - it's SO true! And it's totally rewarding to eat what you grow.

Kim Neville said...

Some lovely tips. I have just started doing some exercise at home and lot eat as much chocolate. Every little bit helps