Easy Peasy Spring Cleaning Tips!

It's time for some Spring Cleaning! Are you the type of person who decides to clean their house from top to bottom? Or perhaps you're a tad lazy, and like to do a little less than you probably could. Today I am sharing with you;
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There are so many things you can get rid of and organise in your home I guarantee.
The less clutter you have, the less you have to tidy up on a regular basis. Go through each room and get rid of the junk! Check out my list of 30 things to get rid of now!

Use Your Dishwasher & Washing Machine Wisely
Your dishwasher can be used to wash a variety of items, not just dishes!
Vacuum cleaner filters, stove hood filters, shoes, fridge shelves even make up brushes!
You can also put a variety of things in the washing machine, including Lego, shower curtains, pillows, cuddly toys and curtains!

Turn Up The Music!

Put on some fast, upbeat music to sing & dance to while you're cleaning!
It'll help put you in a good mood, and the time will fly by!


While you cleaning another room, make sure you have the washing machine or dishwasher on the go.

Tackle One Room At A Time

Here's a super easy to follow list I created which should help! :)


* Declutter!
* Take off bedding & wash
* Dust 
* Hoover mattress & floor
* Wash pillows & duvet
* Wash curtains
* Clean windows & mirrors
* Clean furniture & mop


* Declutter!
* Dust
* Wash bath mats & shower curtains
* Clean shower, bath & walls
* Clean mirrors, windows & counters
* Clean sink & toilet
* Hoover & mop

Hallways & Other Rooms

* Declutter!
* Clean mirrors, windows, walls & counters
* Hoover & mop

Living Room

* Declutter!
* Wash cushions, covers, throws, rugs, curtains
* Dust
* Clean mirrors, windows & walls
* Clean furniture & electronics
* Hoover & mop


* Declutter!
* Dust
* Clean small appliances - kettle, toaster, microwave etc
* Clean windows
* Clean oven
* Clean fridge & freezer
* Sort out & clean cupboards
* Clean sink & counters
* Clean walls & cupboard doors
* Clean bin
* Hoover & Mop

Then finally..

* Clean washing machine & dishwasher

Do you have any Spring Cleaning Tips?

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Fionnuala said...

Hi Sarah,
I love this post. I am not a clean freak by any means but when I clean I multitask like there is no tomorrow ;)
Candelsticks, plastic toys, trinkets all get thrown into the dishwasher and the sink is full of hot, soapy water so anything and everything can be wiped down once it has been cleared of dishes, clutter or whatever.
Thanks for sharing!