30 Items You Don't Need In Your House!

It's Spring, and that means it's time for some Spring Cleaning!
Clutter is always a major issue in my house, I bet it is in yours! We let it build up for a year or so, and it just takes over! 
Here is a list of items that no-one needs to keep in their house! Whether it's a good quality item, and you can sell or donate it, perhaps recycle or even upcycle. If you can't do any of them, then simply throw it in the bin!

* Old Dishcloths & Sponges -
One week tops, then throw them out! They harbour germs, and just get plain disgusting!
* Clothes That You Haven't Worn For Years-
If you haven't worn them, you wont wear them. If they're in good condition, donate to charity!
* Clothes Have Been Meaning To Fix-
Once again, if you haven't fixed them, you won't. Chuck em!
* Old Shoes -
If they're in good condition, donate.
If they're not, throw them out!
* Expired Make Up
If it's expired, chuck it out!
If it's not, check here to see how long you should keep it for.
* Chipped Glasses/Mugs/Plates
* Toothbrushes - 
Full of germs! Replace regularly!
* Holey Socks
* 'Spare' Bedding - 
Ugly bedding you use for emergency, or guests. Don't bother.
If good condition, donate. If not, chuck it!
* Out of Date Food
* Bits & Bobs That Will Possibly Be Useful For A Future DIY
* Old Batteries
* Your Entire Junk Drawer
* Your Old School/College Work - 
Look through it, if it's not amazing or heartwarming, chuck it!
* Odd Socks-
Seriously, they're all alone in the world.
* Greetings Cards - 
Unless they have deep sentimental value, chuck!
* Old Calendars
* Terrible Movies -
You won't watch them ever again. So get rid!
If they work, and are in good condition, donate! If not, throw them out!
* Ugly Underwear - 
Maybe keep ONE for emergency fat days. Otherwise, no one deserves ugly underwear.
* Half Finished DIY Projects
* Receipts You Will Never Need
* Kitchen Items You Don't Use (Or Have Multiple Of)
* Scratchy Towels
* Sample Toiletries
* Dried Up Nail Varnish
* Cables You Don't Use
* Junk Mail
* Books You Have Read, & Won't Read Again - 
* Old Phonebooks
* Random Items That May Come In Handy

Whether you spend a week seriously decluttering, or just sort out one item a day, it'll be worth it! Trust me!

Do you need to declutter? 
What's the worst thing you like to 'collect'?


Talya Stone said...

Argh I need this list - I am a serial tupperware collector think I better attack that cupboard today! #twinklytuesday

Mama, My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows said...

My wife is terrible and hoarding useless stuff but wont let me chuck stuff. I have to be sneaky. No matter how long somethings been lying around she always needs it about 24 hours after I hide it in the trash.


LittleOandme said...

I love a good De-clutter so really enjoyed this post! Off to find a bin bag :)

Emma Cox said...

This is my plan for some of tomorrow! Good to have a reminder list. Thanks!


Katy F said...

fab list. I have a whole trunk full of spare bedding, I probably have enough to last 6 months without having to wash any of the dirty bedding. Really should just give it away. I'm terrible for books too, have a whole drawer under my bed but cannot get rid. :-/

Sadia said...

Some of these, I'm great at getting rid of. Others, I'm finding the urge to argue with you about!!

As soon as a sock gets a hole, it goes in the trash. My daughters having been yelling, "Dead sock!" and dunking them in the bin since they were 2!

Sponges, though? I wash them in the dishwasher to disinfect them and microwave them between every use to kill germs. And mismatched socks are ALL the rage these days with the under-18 set.

Thanks for the inspiration and for linking up at #twinklytuesday.

Aby Moore said...

Oh we have lots of this stuff in our house. I might need to attack it all with a bin bag! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x