A Little Kitchen Organisation

I have the teeniest kitchen, and far too much stuff to fit in it!
Deciding to tackle, organise and decorate each cupboard and every space, I started with my 'baking cupboard'. 
(I call it a cupboard, but really its a shelf! Haha)

There was flour and sugar everywhere! Odd cookie cutters & broken birthday candles, an unopened packet of frosting, I'm assuming, from who knows when, and a couple of those little icing tubes that come with baking kits.
So I thought, I'd finally put some of those jars I'd been collecting to good use. (I'm a jar hoarder, deal with it :) ), got out my trusty chalkboard paint and made some cute labels.

* I just painted white sticky labels, sweet and simple!
I also needed somewhere to store my assortment of cookie cutters, and I had this good sized tub (I collect tubs too!)

* I searched online for ways to remove printing from plastic containers, and I ended up using nail varnish remover! Genius! (I did wash it thoroughly afterwards!)

So what do you think of my new, organised baking stuff?
Next to tackle the rest of the kitchen! Yaaay!


Are you someone who says sorry All. The. Time?
Then do you apologise for saying sorry too much?

I don't know whether it's just a British thing, but I always find myself apologising for everything including things that are not my fault, 
or when there is absolutely no reason to apologise.

I think it stems down to an insecurity thing. Like if I apologise it'll put people off, stop people getting annoyed, and everyone would like me! :) Haha
But after officially becoming a grown up, I've realised you don't have to make people like you, and you don't have to apologise for everything.

So many times when I say sorry, I think, 
'Am I really sorry?' Or 
'Do I really not give a damn?

So here's some things I recently apologised for that I am not sorry for;

SorryNotSorry to the guy at the checkout who gave me the wrong change, 
and frowned when I told him.

SorryNotSorry to the woman who walked backwards into me.

SorryNotSorry for not letting Little Girlie watch anymore Peppa Pig today.

SorryNotSorry for complaining about the staff in a cafe who didn't like me breastfeeding.

SorryNotSorry that my Facebook is constant photos of my babies. 
They are cute, and I am proud. :)

SorryNotSorry for never texting back anyone. I never check my phone. I'm a busy person.

SorryNotSorry for trying to get past someone right in the way. Don't be there then!

What things do you say sorry for when you really don't need to?

You Know Youre A Grown Up When

* You actually go to bed at a reasonable time
* Sometimes you ache and you don't know why!
* You do your own food shopping (remember the first few times when it was fun?!)
* If you don't wash up, you have no clean plates or mugs.
* If you don't wash your clothes, you'll have nothing to wear.
(Obvious? So why did it take 20 odd years to figure it out?)
* Not burning down the house every time you cook is a massive achievement
* Your make up and hair probably looked REALLY awful at some point
(I used to wear blue eyeshadow on eyelids and pink eyeshadow smeared across the bottom eyelashes. Not. Good)
* You spend Friday night organising your week, 
instead of the week organising your Friday night
* You sometimes forget how old you are!
(I'm still unsure)
* 99% of the photos on your phone are of your pet or your babies
* The other 1% is photos of things you're trying to sell to make money for your pet or baby
* Naps are a reward now. Not a punishment
* You drink wine!
(OOoOh fancy!)
* You're pretty much constantly tired
* You have a savings account
(It's empty.)
* All your friends are married or having babies
* Older relatives think it's now appropriate to tell you sex jokes
(It's not. It's still so embarrassing.)
* You find yourself feeling annoyed (or slightly scared) by large groups of teenagers
* You watch TV shows you swore you never would, because they were for old people

* You drink milk out of the carton
* You dance like a enthusiastic baboon in front of a mirror
* You eat far too much chocolate
* And 'forget' to exercise a lot
* Sometimes you laugh while drinking and it comes out your nose

Am I REALLY a grown up?
I don't think so.

Are you?

DIY Watercolour Mugs

It's such a cute DIY today!
Very unique and beautiful, not to mention simple!

You Will Need:
* A plain mug
* Nail varnish
* a bowl (that you don't mind getting ruined)

1. Fill up your bowl with water and get all the items ready next to you
2. Drip of few drops of the nail varnish into the water and quickly dip your mug into it.
The nail varnish hardens in the water, so you need to be quick.
Also I made a heart template on my mug, you could make one too, or just leave it plain!
3. Take the mug out, and dip it again if you want, until you get a pattern you like
4. Leave to dry upside down overnight
5. Take any excess polish off with nail varnish remover to get the look you want
6. Leave overnight again. (I left mine for a couple of days, just to be sure)
7. Wash gently with soapy water and a soft cloth.
8. Admire and enjoy your beautiful new mug!

What do you think?
Will you be trying this?

Silent Sunday

Z Band Silent Alarm - Review

I've got a really unique item to show you today.
A Silent alarm clock!
It's ideal if you are fed up of waking up to an annoyingly repetitive noise!
Or perhaps you are hard of hearing?
Or maybe you have to get up at the crack of dawn, and don't want to wake up your partner?
Or, if you're like me and have a little baby sleeping in your bedroom, and you don't want them to wake up yet!
I introduce the Z Band Silent Alarm!
It's a wristband that you wear during the night (or whenever!) and it vibrates to wake you up gently, and silently!
It is actually surprisingly comfortable to wear during the night too, it doesn't get in the way or feel uncomfortable at all.
You set the alarm using using your laptop, tablet etc using a free downloadable app.
Set the time, set the strength of the vibration and you're good to go! It's so simple.
Its also rechargeable using a micro USB lead, and it glows red when it's charging, and switches off when it's finished.
I love my Silent Alarm! It means I can wake up early and have a few minutes to myself, without anyone else waking up!
I highly HIGHLY recommend this product! I'm so glad I found it, now I don't know what I'd do without it!

Peg Magnets DIY

I wanted to share with you an easy but super cute DIY today.

I haven't made anything for ages, so I wanted to start off with something simple. :)
You Will Need
* Wooden pegs
* Nail varnish
* Magnets
* Glue

1. First you need to take your pegs apart!
(You could do it without faffing around taking them apart, and just paint either side. But I wanted to paint it all!)
2. Paint your pegs using nail varnish and leave to dry overnight.
3. The fiddliest part now, putting the pegs back together!

4. Glue a magnet to the back of each peg, I just used PVA glue. (make sure you stick the right side!)
5. Wait to dry overnight and decorate your fridge!

I use them for shopping lists, artwork etc!

Just Cant Concentrate?

Can't watch a movie from start to finish?
Can't read a whole document without staring into space?
Can't write a single paragraph without checking fb?
It's not your fault. Apparently the average human attention span is just eight seconds long, shorter than a goldfish. 
Today there are so many distractions, and even those interruptions get interrupted.

Luckily there are ways to boost your attention span, ignore distractions and focus!
(Try them all or try just a few, whichever you prefer! :))

First things first, we need to just chiiiiiill.

* Listen to a calming song. Preferably one with no words.
(Works best with headphones). 
Focus on the music for a couple of minutes.

* Meditate
It's like exercise for your brain and will help improve your ability to ignore distractions and relieve stress.
So shut your eyes and breathe in slowly & count to four, hold for four seconds and exhale, while counting to four. Practise for 5 mins. 

* Literally do nothing
Click and....breathe

Now you're calm, let's get organised!

* Take a 'Digital Sabbath'
Experts believe a break offline increases concentration as well as real- world engagement.
You decide what to unplug from, (all technology? Communication? Just WiFi?) 
And decide how long. Stick to it. You won't be sorry

* Overhaul email & social media
Keep your email and Facebook open all day and you surrender to it.
Every time you just pop over, and impatiently check for updates, it takes roughly 15 mins to focus your attention back to the main task.
It's so bad to dart back from task to task, so set yourself a limit, if that's only checking once an hour, or twice a day, or switching off all together until the task is complete.

*Tidy up your digital mess
lean up your desktop, delete unnessacary icons & apps, turn off notifications and shut down programme you are not using.
Next, if social media or casual web browsing is your problem, try 'StayFocusd' or 'SelfControl' apps.
They block specific websites for your chosen time period, fight back

*Stop multitasking!
Do you suck at multitasking? Test yourself;
Out loud, count 1-10. Then say A-J. 
Now alternate the two- 1A2B ...
Take twice as long? Thought so.
You're a bad multitasker!
So stop watching Netflix, googling random things or daydreaming and focus on the main task.

If it makes it easier, write down what you want to watch on Netflix, what you're annoyed about or what you want to google, on a bit of paper, and deal with it after you're finished

Now get to work!
* Give yourself a target.
For example, 25 minutes focusing then a 5 minute break.
Or one chapter/paragraph done and a 5 minute break.

* Reward yourself
If you set a target, like above, give yourself a reward.
Eat a square of chocolate, make a cup of tea. (Tea boosts memory, calms you and helps you be more alert)
Just remember, a 5 minute break per 25 mins.

I hope these tips have helped you, for times when you just need to kick your own butt and focus!

Do you have any other tips or suggestions?

What It Is Really Like Having 2 Under 2

The other day I got chatting to a mum who had a 2 year old, and was heavily pregnant with baby no. 2. She asked me to tell her the honest truth about 
what it's like having a baby and a toddler. 

I know baby boy is only 4 months old, but I feel like we've got over a big hurdle, having a newborn. 
We've established a routine that works for us.

So..what is it really like?
It's a balancing act. Feeding baby while reading to toddler. Munching my breakfast while dressing baby. Making snacks while trying to calm baby.

It's tiring, exhausting, busy.

It's changing baby's nappy, then dressing toddler, then changing baby again.

It's putting them both in their bouncy chairs next to each other and putting Peppa Pig on, so you can drink a hot cup of tea for once.

It's noisy, crazy, feel sorry for your neighbours loud.

It involves a lot of preparation every evening, twice as much if you're actually planning on leaving the house. Haha

Then just like that, something wonderful happens and all of that is forgotten.

It's overwhelmingly amazing.
It's the best feeling in the world when you watch them bonding, making each other giggle.

You know right there and then, they will always be there for each other.
They get sad when the other one is sad. 
They share their toys and chat away to each other. 
They laugh at each other and it's just perfect.
It'll make your heart melt.

It may cost more, and you might be twice as tired or stressed,
But just think, having a small age gap will mean they'll be that much closer.
The age gap will be unnoticeable in a few years. 
They'll be there for each other no matter what.

It might be hard, but it's so worth it.
Having two children is amazing.