A-Z My Favourite Movies

I'm starting a new series, it's simply called;
I let you in on a few of my favourites things, in list form (one of my favourite things, lists!)
I'm obviously going to start this series with another one of my favourite things, movies.

So without further ado..

About time
Breakfast club
Crazy, Stupid, Love
Dallas Buyers Club
Easy A
Get him to the Greek
He's Just Not That Into You
I love you man
Jacket (the)
Kill Bill
Life of Pi
Magic Mike
Now You See Me
One flew over the cuckoos nest
Pulp fiction
Reservoir dogs
Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Ten things I hate about you
Vanilla Sky
Wolf of Wall Street
Yes Man

Are you a fan of any of these movies?
What are some of your favourite movies?


Lucy :) said...

Love this, excited for more A-Z!
I did it too, it was hard. Some films I had like 5 for, some I had none.
But here it goes:

A Anchorman
B The Breakfast Club
C Cast Away
D Dogma
E Edward Scissor Hands
F Fargo
G Groundhog Day
H Hot Fuzz
I I love you, man
J Juno
K Knocked Up
L Little Miss Sunshine
M Moulin Rouge
N Notebook, The
O O Brother, Where Art Thou?
P Pulp Fiction
Q Quadrophenia
R Raising Arizona
S Seven Psychopaths
T Ten Things I Hate About You
U Ugly Truth, The
V Velvet Goldmine
W Walk The Line
X (I don't think I've ever seen one beginning with X)
Y Youth In Revolt
Z Zoolander


Sarah Bear =] said...

Good choices! :)
X & Q are hard!
Love all these movies. Glad you like cheesy ones too :) xx

Meg said...

This is a great idea! I watch so many films but when people ask me for my favourites I can never think of any. Might have to go away and have a think about it ;)

And I love Ten Things I Hate About You! :D


George Lock said...

Loved this article too. Luce and I made our lists together. Here's my list too:

A - Adaptation
B - Brazil
C - Chinatown
D - Die Hard
E - Escape from New York
F - Fargo
G - Ghost Busters
H - Hot Fuzz
I - In The Mouth of Madness
J - Jurassic Park
K - Kill List
L - Lost Highway
M - (The) Maltese Falcon
N - Night of the Living Dead
O - O Brother, Where Art Thou?
P - Pan's Labyrinth
Q - (The) Quick and the Dead
R - Reservoir Dogs
S - (The) Shining
T - They Live
U - (The) Untouchables
V - Videodrome
W - Withnail & I
X - X Men: First Class
Y - Young Frankenstein
Z - Zodiac