Hello Spring ✿

I do love a bit of Spring, me.

I think after a while, Winter does get a bit tedious. You're fed up of being cold, 
too cold to go out, don't wanna get up in the morning.
Then Spring comes along, all happy & chirpy, sunshine & flowers. Much better 

To me, Spring feels like a  new start.
Winter's over, it's time to get your arse into gear and start making this year amazing
New beginnings
Picking flowers
Happy Days
I love having different to-do lists for each season, 
so I wanted to share with you what I really want to do this season.

Does Spring make you happy?
What would you like to get up to?


Life As Unusuals said...

I'm looking forward to spring! I'm hoping for many adventures as I'll be getting my bike at the end of March so there will be many long distance cycle rides coming up! And hopefully some camping too :)

I hope you have an amazing spring time!

~ K


Emma Cox said...

This is cute :) Yey Spring!

Mummy Lee said...

Roll on Spring, love your 'To Do List' x

Jeremy Barnes said...

We've finally had a few days of nice weather here. I think the best thing is finally being able to get outside

myr said...

Spring is my favourite season, its so uplifting and a time for making a new start with things. I love your list and its given me a boost to get a wiggle on and do something myself!!

I really enjoyed your post


visiting you today from #sundaystars


Lucy Howard said...

Spring and autumn are always my favourite seasons. I am totally done with winter and I am completely ready to embrace Spring. This sounds like a lovely to-do-list. A nice mixture of practical and fun. I really should write something similar. Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars. Hugs Lucy xxxx