My Bidvine Experience

*This is a collaborative post*

I recently came across the website Bidvine. It's a fantastic website that helps you in hiring local, trusted professionals such as photographers, handymen, music lessons or even cleaning!
A few days ago I decided to have a look for myself. I am really not a telephone person, and would much rather do things online, so this was perfect for me. I have always wanted to get a professional photographer to take a few snaps of our family. I thought what better time than now! As it's coming up to Christmas, wouldn't it be lovely to do a sort of Christmas themed shoot!

I think one reason why we haven't had a professional photo shoot before is because it can can quite pricey. 
That's why I was pleased to discover Bidvine, as a fantastic new way to compare prices, get some competitive quotes & hire photographers local to you. 

You simply have to sign up, which is super quick & easy and then fill in the details of exactly what you are looking for! 

After sending off for my quotes, I received 6 quotes in my inbox, from local based photographers, all in my price range - all in the same day! Fantastic, quick service!

Everything was made so easy for the users, signing up, requesting and receiving quotes was all done so quickly and efficiently. I am very impressed.
Bidvine is definitely the best place to receive competing quotes for local services in your area!

Have you ever heard of Bidvine?
*This is a collaborative post*

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