Uniball Paint Markers - Review

I was recently given the chance to try out some pens from Uniball.
They have such a huge range of pens, for all sorts of crafts & activities.
I decided to pick the Posca paint markers to test out, and I am so glad I did.

DIY Autumn Candles

I feel there may be a theme here recently..(Hint: I love Autumn)
I love making candles! It's so much fun, and really not that difficult!
The first candles I ever made were little cupcake candles, I loved them.

I wanted to once again experiment, and create some more for my autumn theme, 
with Autumny scents!

Why I Started Blogging

Truth is, I honestly don't know when I started this blog, when I officially started. At a complete guess, I'd say 2010/2011. That's six years ago!! My two cousins and I all started a blog each, around the same sort of time (I'm not sure who decided it was a good idea first!) but we all jumped on the bandwagon.
Then 'Hedgehog Corner' was born! Oh my gosh. Cheesiest name ever, even more cheesy than this one!

Silent Sunday

What The Toddler Said #1

Ever since my Little Girlie started talking properly, I've been jotting down the hilarious things she comes out with. 
She copies a lot of stuff from books, other people and tv shows so you never know what she's going to say! 
I wanted to share some of the funny things she has said recently!

DIY Autumn Cushions

 As you may have guessed by now, I freaking love Autumn. Another thing I love is decorating my home for the seasons & occasions! I am starting to create some Autumnal items for my home, and I really wanted some new cushions, the only problem is, I can't sew! Honestly, I can't even use a sewing machine!
I had seen people making there own cushions use a hot glue gun, so I thought why not, and it worked perfectly. So here we are..

Our Wedding Day - Part One ♥

Everyone always told me, you can plan and plan your wedding for years, spend tons of money, but in the end, it'll be over so quickly. It's important to sit down and take it all in because the day will fly by. 
It was my special day 3 weeks ago, and it truely was the best day. 

Silent Sunday

CaseApp Review - Laptop Skin & Phone Case

I was recently given the opportunity to review a personalised laptop skin & a phone case from Caseapp.
On their website you can create customisable cases for a number of products, from iphone cases, to ipad and samsung. 
As well as cases you can create skins to stick onto your devices, from pc laptops, ipod or even macbooks! 

Too Young For Nursery?

After Little Girlie's second day back at nursery, after the summer holidays I started thinking.
Did I send her to Nursery too early?
Nurseries tend to cater for all ages from say 6 months to 5 years, 
and when she started there were literally 2 or 3 six month old's. 
Now I'm not judging anyone at all here, but honestly I couldn't do it. 
Being apart from my babies when they were so little.
But my Little Girlie didn't actually start nursery until she was 2!

Driving in the Countryside - Somerset

I absolutely love living in the countryside.
I have never wanted to live in a big city.
I love to be surrounded by nature, animals, the great outdoors.

Somerset is just like that.
Home to national parks, gorges, caves.
Animals everywhere, and such beautiful scenery.
It's such a welcoming, peaceful, amazing place to live.

★ Displaying Your Children's Artwork ★

Children love making art. Glueing and sticking, painting, drawing.
Especially if they are at school or nursery, always coming home with new pictures to add to the collection. They are always super proud of them too, even if you..can't...quite...tell what it is supposed to be.

It's always so nice to put up their pictures, somewhere for everyone to see, somewhere they can look at them and be proud of themselves. It's lovely. The trouble is though, with so much artwork coming into our homes every week, it's hard to find places for it all. I am not really ashamed to say that a few odd bits of artwork, mysteriously go missing. Ones that don't look like anything, one's with random objects stuck to or like one pink scribble or something. The majority of artwork is stored in a file of some sort, to look through later. But the best pieces of artwork should be displayed proudly, so here I am (and a few other mummies)  giving you some inspiration into different ways to proudly show off your children's artwork!

I created this display frame from an old noticeboard.
I separated the cork board from the frame and painted it.

Secured some string to the back, hung it on the wall and it's now displaying my son & daughters artwork.
Best of all it's in their bedroom, which they absolutely love (and we don't have a playroom! Boo).
Little Girlie wakes up and admires her art, when friends come round, it's the first thing she shows them!

If you have enough space, you could decorate a whole wall with your children's artwork, 
like Angela from Adventures In Websterland does!

I'm sure it will keep them amused looking at all the different pieces, seeing what they can spot.
(Also, as a bonus, you don't have to be so picky about which pieces you display!)

Another simple, yet effective way to display art is to attach string to the wall & use pegs to attach the pictures, 
like Emily from Confessions of a Slummy Mummy
It is a great way to show it off proudly, and it's super easy to switch it up or add new pictures! 

If you are looking to make it look a bit smarter and more decorative, you could pop some 
of the favourites into frames and put them on the wall. 

You can still switch them up when you want, but it does look nice showing off the art properly in a frame.
Laura from Wafflemama uses these Ikea frames to display her children's artwork!

Finally, if you are looking for a more permanent art piece, 
you could get your children to go crazy and decorate some little canvases instead! 
Sarah from Each Peach Pear Plum  let her children paint some amazing canvases which she then displays in her home.

How do you display yours?

Silent Sunday

Clay Heart Mobile DIY

I always have so many ideas of things I want to make.
Sometimes I start things, and forget about them.
Sometimes I stop doing anything else, because I think of something perfect I want to make!
I decided I wanted to make something new out of clay, and came up with this;

Hello Autumn

At last, Autumn is here.
Well other's may disagree, but to me I cannot wait any longer!
I am embracing the cooler weather, I love Autumn the most!

Dear Anonymous

I'm sure I've written a post like this before.
I know I've watched various Youtube videos where people read their letters to unnamed people.
I decided I wanted to write this post again.
A few letters to different people, only I will know who they are aimed at.
I feel like I need to get some stuff off of my chest, and this is the perfect way to do it.
6 people, 6 anonymous letters.