15 Movies That'll Give You Summer Vibes

It's officially Summer! The sun is shining, and we are sweating our butts off. What better way to get out of the heat for a while, and cool down with a summer movie?! (When I originally wrote this, it did feel like Summer, but of course now we have good old UK Summer rain!!)

Current Kitchen Wishlist

We all like to dream right? Dream about all the things we'd buy if we had the money! I've been adding a few homely personal touches to each of our rooms recently. I really want to add a few more bits and pieces to our kitchen to make it feel more like us so I put together a little kitchen wishlist!

Eating Well On A Budget With Organix

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive – you can cut down your costs and save money each week just by spending a little time planning what you’ll cook and eat, and with a little savvy buying, cooking family meals that are filling, tasty and inexpensive will be easier than you think. Try some of these great money saving tips for your weekly shop!

The Laugh Out Loud 2017 Book Awards

The Laugh Out Loud Book Awards(or Lollies) are hosted by Scholastic, celebrating the funniest childrens books of the year. The winners are decided by children, and the shortlist is decided by Michael Rosen, Katie Thistleton and Nicolette Jones.  Have you read any of them with your little ones?

Saving Money With Plusnet

We really want to go on holiday this year. Truth is, I've never taken my little ones on holiday as we've never been able to afford it, and I do feel so guilty. The only way we are ever going to be able to go is if we scrimp & save every spare penny we have. 
We were recently given the opportunity to work with Plusnet, sharing ways to help save some dosh! They supplied us with some goodies to help us on our saving journey!

My Sunday Photo #24 Siblings In Summer

Earlier this week was just super hot wasn't it! Our house has been hotter than outside, and we haven't been coping! Haha. I bought a fan on Wednesday, then on Thursday it cooled down. Typical. Saturday it rained though and I've never been happier to see rain. It made the air smell amazing too. I'm not great when it's hot, but the little ones have been enjoying having water fights & playing outside everyday though!

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DIY Grass People {Tutorial}

We've all grown cressheads before haven't we? Cress seeds & cotton wool in an egg shell with a painted face? We wanted to do a little something different this time & we decided to make Grass People! They were so much fun to make & their grass hair grows so quickly!

Summer Garden Wishlist

What better time to update your garden than Summer? Flowers are growing, the grass is green & all you want to do is be outside! So why not make the most of the sunshine and spruce up your outdoor space! I've put together a little Summer Garden Wishlist

Summer Trees Painting Activity

I've been teaching my little ones about the changing seasons. We decorated a canvas for Spring, and we recently painted a new canvas for Summer.

DIY Water Bombs {Tutorial}

What better way to keep cool & have fun in the sun than to have a water fight? Much better than the water balloons you can buy, reusable and easier to fill up with water - DIY Water Bombs!

15 Amazing Uses For Your Empty Notebooks

If you're a lover of stationery, I guarantee you have a million notebooks. Perhaps some have a few pages written in, but I bet the majority of them are completely blank! You bought them with the best intentions to make them into something amazing, but right now they are just in a big pile and you don't know what to do with them! I am such a sucker for buying pretty, or useful looking notebooks. So I wanted to share with you some ideas, different ways you can finally start writing in those notebooks and make good use of them! So here's 15 Amazing Uses For Your Empty Notebooks!

14 Ways To Feel Happier, Right Now

We all have our down days, it's true. No one can be happy all the time, it's not good for you to be happy all the time. But there are a few things that we can all do, to cheer ourselves up & amp up the good feelings! If you feel like you need a little boost in your life at the moment, why not try a few of these right now, I guarantee you'll feel a bit better!

Finding The Perfect Cat Career With Whiskas Kitten Kollege

I've had cats throughout my life. I had two cats when I was growing up, they were the sweetest cats ever, Miffy & Smudge. They even invited a homeless cat to come & live with us, and we raised 
Mog as our own. After they had grown old, and we moved house, we inherited two more cats - Merlin & Magic. Two black and white cats. Merlin is the friendliest cat ever, and he even wraps his arms around you to cuddle you! Moving out, and moving in with my OH we had two more kittens - Rudy & Misty. Rudy was the most hilarious cat in the world & Misty was so sweet & cuddly. Sadly we had to give them up when we became homeless. Finally now we have a stable home & our two little ones we have some more cats. We have Rory, the dad, Jess, the mum, Kitty & Gizmo the kittens. So yes, I am definitely a cat person. Haha.

My Sunday Photo #23 Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day! I've written a post about my dad, to celebrate this special day. If you have an awesome father like mine you know how incredibly lucky you are, and my dad is definitely one of the good ones.
I love this photo of us, when he walked me down the aisle on my wedding day.
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But he's not the only dad in my life. My husband is an amazing father to our little girlie & guy, so this Father's Day I am celebrating it with him and our little monkeys too. 
(This photo is from the day we brought our little guy home. He just turned 2! But it's one of my favourite photos of them)

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there! 

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What My Dad Taught Me

I wanted to write a little something seeing as it's Fathers Day tomorrow, about my dad. My dad is a good guy, a really good guy. If you have an amazing father like mine you know how incredibly lucky you are, and my dad is definitely one of the good ones.

10 Amazing Movie Dads

As it's Father's Day on Sunday, I thought it'd be appropriate to share some awesome movie dads with you! They all have their good and bad and hilarious qualities. Which movie dad is your favourite?

Adorable Planters From Red Candy {Review}

I absolutely love Red Candy products. They have such unique items, for every room, for whoever you need to buy for or fancy treating yourself! I definitely recommend taking a look, I know you'll find something you love.

Happy 2nd Birthday Little Guy

My little guy is two today. I cant believe it. These two years have flown by and even though I probably still treat him like it, he's really not my baby anymore. He's officially not a baby anymore! 

Unique Fathers Day Gifts From Qwerkity {Review}

It's hard to find new & interesting things for Fathers Day each year. While my little ones are still so little I have to buy something from them for their dad, and something for my dad too. I came across Qwerkity, a website that provides unique, special gifts for loved ones. 

DIY Garden Crafts {Tutorial}

I've been loving getting out in the garden recently! We've been planting lots of flowers, making some lots of decorations and little crafts to help introduce wildlife into our garden! I wanted to make a few pretty things for the garden too!  

Hello Summer ☼ {Summer To Do List}

Yaaay! It's finally Summer. The sun has been shining! (I don't want to jinx it now by saying that!) How much happier does it make you when it's not miserable outside!? I do love my cosy clothes, but it's so nice not to have to wear a million layers outside, or be in trouble when you forget to take a coat! Although I do live in England, so you're pretty much always in trouble if you forget to bring a coat! Anyway, Summer is about spending time outdoors, making the most of the sunshine!

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My Sunday Photo #22 - The Greater Good

"The way we see it it's all for the greater good." Can you guess the movie? We visited Wells recently, while it was still sunny! It's really such a beautiful place. We walked along the moat, bought ice creams and just had a really lovely time. One of my favourite reasons I love Wells is that when I was really little, my grandparents (who are sadly no longer with us) used to take me here, to feed the ducks & swans while we waited for my dad to finish work. They used to bring stale bread in a bright orange tupperware tub! It's such a lovely memory I have of them. 

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Make It Monthly #6

Welcome back to the Make It Monthly Linky!  Last month's linky went really well! Thank you everyone who linked up, I loved looking through your crafts & getting inspired! Make It Monthly is a craft/diy themed linky, a place to share all of your wonderful creations! Whether it's home decor, gifts, seasonal decorations, crafts with children - anything!

Inspirational Movie Quotes That Influence Our Lives

I am a sucker for a good inspirational quote. I just love 'em. I can constantly saving, pinning, printing new ones I discover, that I feel are appropriate to me. Movies have the power to influence you, to motivate you and show you emotions you didn't know you could feel. If you embrace them, they can change the way you view the world, the way you want to live your life. So I am sharing with you today some inspirational movie quotes that could change your life.

Ulster Weavers Aprons {Review}

Ulster Weavers stock loads of beautiful products, homeware, fabric and even bags. Each item is so unique and beautifully made, with such gorgeous fabrics.
We were given the opportunity to try out some aprons from their range, one for me and one for each of the little ones. 

DIY Bird Feeders {Kids Craft}

Recently we have been making lots of crafts to make our garden more environmentally friendly, and encourage more animals & insects to visit! We created a bug hotel, a bee hotel, now we want to invite some birds into our garden! What better way than to make your own bird feeders!

Blogger Recognition Award

I was recently nominated by the lovely Burnished Chaos for the Blogger Recognition Award. I am genuinely honoured for being nominated because it makes me feel that people actually care, and occasionally actually read what I write! Of course that's not why I do it, but it does feel good!

Waste Not Want Not - 11 Tips To Help You Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling are such important habits to adopt. Reducing the amount of materials we buy & use, recycling our waste in the correct way and even reusing & upcycling products that can be used again, perhaps in a completely different way! Being green isn't time consuming, it's a way of life. It's involving these new habits in your everyday life, making a difference to the world we live in. It helps the environment & even saves you money. So I'm sharing today 11 tips to help you reduce, reuse & recycle by making more environmentally friendly choices.

Struggling for Father’s Day? Check Out These Essential Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day on the horizon, it’s time to think about how we can show our love and support for dads nationwide. Yes, the date changes every year, but a good trick to remember is that it always falls on the third Sunday in June. This way, you’ll never forget when it’s time to get a special gift for the dads in our lives.

My Sunday Photo #21 Country Views

Times like this, I am so glad I live in the country. We are very lucky my mum has a private wood (owned by her landlord) right next to her house, and another woodland park a few minutes up the road. We visited the woodland park this week with my siblings, and little ones. It's such a lovely place to visit. It's fun to explore, and a beautiful picturesque spot for a picnic! Check out the views!

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May In Review 2017

May was a pretty good month, mostly. I've been focus a bit more on myself this month, and my wellbeing. Trying to take care of myself a bit better, both mentally and physically. It's so important to do a bit of self care now and then. Taking care & helping others is just as important too. Especially after the devastating events that recently occured. 

More Than Just A Freebies Site

I  can spend hours on the internet looking for different ways to save money, including looking through various freebie sites. Who doesn't love a good freebie ey? 

20 Movies That Freaked Us Out As Kids

There are some movies that are supposedly family friendly, generally rated U or PG which in all honesty are way too freaky to have such a young rating! Some movies that seemed harmless at the time, but when you watch them as a child are truly terrifying! The ones that still freak us out now as adults, and refuse to let our kids watch them! They succeeded in freaking out their target audience, even if that wasn't the plan! So here's a list of movies that freaked us out as children!

Capturing Moments #26

Welcome to Capturing Moments; the Monthly Linky & Community for any Blog Posts, Vlogs or Instagram Photos related to Days Out or Travel. The linky will run from the 1st to 14th of each Month, but the Instagram community will be open every day of the year, so don't forget to tag #HMCapturingMoments whenever you are out and about; whether it is a Family Walk in the Park or a Caribbean Holiday if you are having fun we want to know about it. 

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