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Mother's Day Gift Ideas From B&M

Personalised Pyjamas From Teether {Review}

Pyjamas are one thing I very rarely buy for my little ones. They've had a lot of hand me down pyjamas which are lovely, and have really lasted & I also ask people to get them pyjamas for their birthdays each year but it's just not something I regularly buy. After I realised that the sleeves were getting a bit short and the trousers were a bit ripped on some of their favourite pyjamas, I knew it was time to get them a snuggly new pair!

Homemade Toilet Cleaning Products!

I have always loved the idea of making my own cleaning products! You can personalise them, use natural ingredients and also reduce your plastic waste - as you don't have to keep buying bottle after bottle! I've been saving up old bottles and jars for a long time now, so this was the perfect opportunity to put them to good use! Since beginning my zero waste journey, I have discovered so many fantastic recipes and tutorials for homemade cleaning products - I had to give some a go!

Yakwood Wooden Watch {Review}

I absolutely love wooden watches. There's just something about them. They are so simple, so minimalist, yet so beautiful! I was given the opportunity to review a gorgeous wooden watch from Yakwood - and I couldn't have been more excited!

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Going Zero Waste - 11 Eco Friendly Plastic Free Alternatives

Take a look around your home, how many products that you use on a daily basis, are made of plastic? I bet you'll be shocked! I've put together a list of some eco-friendlier alternatives so we can stop bringing so much plastic into our homes & lives! 

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4 Adorable Valentines Day Crafts For Little Ones

As it's Valentines Day (and half term!) what better way to celebrate the day with your little ones than to get creative and make some fun Valentines Day crafts together! As I've mentioned before, we do love our quick crafts in this house so these are all fairly quick and easy to make with your little ones! 

Creative Pancake Ideas For Your Little Ones To Enjoy

4 Romantic Valentines Day Craft Ideas

Any holiday or special occasion and you can almost guarantee I am going to get my craft supplies out for it! Valentines Day is no exception! I love to make a few little crafts in the Valentines theme, pop up a couple of little decorations to really set the lovey-dovey mood! ♥ I wanted to share with you today four, pretty easy but really effective Valentines Day craft ideas!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Children

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Personalised Jewellery from Kaya Jewellery {Review}

I absolutely love personalised items, especially jewellery! For a while now I've wanted a dainty silver necklace with my little one's names or initials on - then I came across Kaya Jewellery! Kaya Jewellery makes beautiful jewellery specifically for mums, babies and children, and they are handmade in the UK. 

Green Steel Stainless Steel Cups {Review}

My little ones have a cupboard in the kitchen for their items. Their drinks bottles, plates, bowls, bibs, lunchboxes and cups. Lots & lots of plastic cups. After beginning my zero waste journey, aside from finding out just how bad plastic is for the environment, I find out how bad plastic might be for you as well. I want to gradually replace my little one's plastic cups & plates with more sustainable eco-friendly alternatives but also swap them for more grown-up products. My little girl is perfectly capable of drinking from cups, although I often still give her bottles to drink from. And my little guy is learning to use cups now too. I was searching for child-friendly, brightly coloured cups for my little ones and I came across these lovely stainless steel cups!

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5 Easy Steps To Begin Your Zero Waste Journey

I know a lot of people who are keen to begin their zero waste journey, but when you do your research and read up on it - it can be quite overwhelming. There seems to be this never-ending list of what you should or shouldn't be doing, and it just feels like too much. I've had comments from quite a few families who say they really want to join the journey, but they have no idea where to begin and the answer is basically - baby steps. Like I said before taking little steps makes it all so much more manageable and easier to achieve. Little steps make a big difference. So I wanted to share 5 easy steps to help transition to zero waste. We've all got to start somewhere right? #WeCanAllHelp

Make It Monthly #14

I'm not ashamed to say, I'm glad January is over! Although it was mine and my little girlie's birthdays (which were lovely!) January has been a hard month! So I'm welcoming February and all the love it brings with open arms! Time to share with myself and Kate your latest amazing creations!

Make It Monthly is a Craft/DIY themed linky, a place to share all of your wonderful creations! Whether it's home decor, gifts, seasonal decorations, crafts with children - anything!

Creating The Hygge Look At Home

DIY Rose Scented Candles

Aside from bath bombs, one of my favourite things to make are candles. They are surprisingly easy to do and you can pick up the ingredients pretty cheaply, (or reuse what you have) and customise them however you fancy! I decided I wanted to make some Valentines Day themed candles this time around, so I thought what better ones to make than some lovely rose scented candles!