{Update, oh how times have changed!}

If I was perfectly honest, I wouldn't say I was a 'blogger'. I enjoy blogging as a hobby, and I like to do it when I have the time, but it is not highest on my list of priorities. Some days I do wish I was a someone who frequently spent all their free-time writing, editing, taking photos, scheduling etc but I just don't have that time everyday. I have been trying to organise myself so I get quite a lot done  in the evenings now though, as long as I've done all the chores before. I do wish I was a blogger. I don't feel like I take it as seriously as I maybe should, if I want this to actually go somewhere, but when others things happen in life, like I said, they come first.

I don't wish to be a full time blogger though, I have others ideas of how I'd like my life to pan out, and if blogging becomes a part time income, or remains just a hobby, I don't think I'll mind, but for now I'd like to continue the way I am :) I feel that some people are just lucky and get the world handed to them, but I also think that some of the 'full-time bloggers' really do spend their whole lives thinking about blogging. Taking notes, capturing images throughout everyday, even creating moments just to blog about them. Spending every waking minute doing something, however small for their blog, and personally I don't think that's right. It might be just be? What do you you think?

Saying all of that though, recently I have been getting a bit jealous of other bloggers, some of whom started very recently and their blogs have just sky rocketed! I know its bad to be jealous of others bloggers right, but I know everyone is at some point, don't deny it. But being jealous gets you nowhere. These bloggers who are suddenly super duper amazing have actually worked their asses off to get where they are, and that's what my problem is, I don't always put in as much attention as I probably could. So that's nobodies fault but my own. Are you willing to admit you get blogger envy?

I just wanted to add that, even though sometimes I get struck down by blogger envy, I feel so privileged to be part of such an amazing community. Whether or not I call myself a blogger doesn't change the fact that I don write a blog, and have made some amazing bloggers along the way. I feel that bloggers are some of the friendliest, chattiest & most welcoming people you will ever interact with. We are all their to support each others passions and creativity. It is not a competition after all.


Mum Reinvented said...

Totally get what you mean. I've been blogging for 5 or 6 years now (can't actually remember it seems that long!) and although I do still love it, it has changed so much over the years and isn't what it was when I first started at all.

I'm by no means a professional blogger, not on my own blog anyway, but it has led to a complete change of career (I worked for the police and I'm now a copywriter and social media manager) so I can't complain.

I'm definitely not someone who spends their entire life thinking about what will make good blog fodder or taking pics of everything in sight. I simply don't have the time or the inclination. Infact I often think my blog is boring as hell or not personal enough because I don't get time to spend on it or even the time to do anything even remotely blog worthy after work etc and when I'm out enjoying myself I forget to take a pic because I'm having too much fun to think about having to capture the moment for a blog post. But each to their own as they say!

Laura Powell-Corbett said...

Ooh I love this post! Very true. I am somewhere in the middle I think, some days I think I need to take a picture for blogging and somedays I think I need to take a picture for me! Either way I only drag my trusty phone with me! I am just amazed I have some brain power left with the toddler sucking every brain cell from me!!!x

Sarah Christie said...

Great post, I think each to their own, I have friends who put their lives and souls into it, and friends who blog once a week,and I love all of their blogs, I spend a lot of time on my blog and love it, it excites me but I would never judge anyone. Is any blogger handed the world as with any new project comes so much hard work, its not the easy little hobby I once thought it was, but at the same time I just love doing it, a great honest post that really made me think x

Lamb & Bear said...

I absolutely get blogger envy, not jealously. I know exactly what I need to do to improve my blog, but don't have the time to do it, so have to accept the pace my blog is at and be proud of what I have achieved in the 14 months I've been blogging. I would like to be a full-time blogger, but I would treat it like any other job and limit myself to the amount of hours I spend scheduling, photographing and writing. You're right, blogging isn't a competition, it's our personal space to share our lives :) x #sundaystars

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I fell into the blog all the time routine a while ago. I was originally a happy part time blogger with yes I admit, blogger envy sometimes. I had some spare time recently so I threw myself into my blog which did not turn out so well. I am happy to say I am more than happy to be a part time blogger again :)

Mrs H said...

This is a really interesting post. I love blogging and I would consider myself a blogger but for me it is something I love doing and would maybe like to spend more time on. Every blogger that I know who is successful has worked amazingly hard to get where they are. And admire them. They have seen blogging as a way to change their life. and that is brilliant. I don't have the time to work that hard on my blog. But I think the wonder of blogging is it can be whatever you want it to be. Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx