Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mum ☼

I love reading Day in the Life posts, taking a peek into other people's lives, being a tad nosey.
So I decided to let everyone take a look into an average day in my life :)
Seven O'Clock
7:15 - Baby Boo starts to wake up, makes grumbling noises. 
7:30 - She wakes up properly now, hands me her empty drink bottle, and pokes me a few times until I wake up properly. Who needs an alarm clock when you have a one-year old?
7:45 Chill out in bed for a little while, (takes me a while to properly wake up, I am not a morning person!) 
Baby Boo decides its fun to take all the bedding away. Haha.
Eight O'Clock
8:00 Go to the bathroom, wash face & put on moisteriser. Take Baby Boo downstairs and pop the kettle on. Make tea & cereal for us two. Feed Cats.
8:15 Eat breakfast, Let Baby Boo watch Doc McStuffins , drink tea. Check emails, check blog, 
post updates to social media. 
8:30 More tea I think. I am not awake yet. Change Baby Boo out of Pj's.
8:45 Slump of the sofa until caffieine kicks in. Baby Boo decides it's fun to empty her toy box all over the floor.
Nine O'Clock
9:00 Get dressed, Brush teeth, do something with the birds nest on my head, put on make up. 
9:15 Tidy up living room. So. Many. Toys. Grab some dirty washing and pop it in the machine. 
9:30 Tidy up kitchen, pack away washing up. Tidy up living room again. 
Ten O'Clock
10:00 Pack away yesterdays dry washing. Hang up new washing.
10:30 I'm TIRED! "Me Too!" (I imagine Baby Boo saying this..haha) She generally starts to get grumpy at this time of day. 
Read some books, write shopping list. Decide what to do today!
Eleven O'Clock
11:00 Generally at this time of day, I go to the supermarket. 
Get something for tea, and general shoppingness like milk, washing powder, cat food etc.
11:45 Back home again. Start to make lunch. Plonk Baby Boo on the sofa with a few books while I make lunch. 
She moans and gets down. I'M HUNGRY!
12:00 Lunchtime. We generally just eat boring old sandwiches and fruit, sometimes we have soup! Haha
12:30 Clean up Baby Boo. Clean up all the food on the floor. 
12:45 Wash up, tidy up kitchen. Hoover downstairs.
One O'Clock
1:00 Put more washing on. Snuggly cuddles with Baby Boo.
1:15 Naptime. She willing gets into bed, but refuses to lie down. 
Gives all her toys a 'drink' and gives them goodnight kisses.
1:45 She's asleep! Yes! I go downstairs, put something lame on tv like Jeremy Kyle or last nights soaps. Make more tea. Finish writing a few blog posts, read other blogs, catch up on emails, take photos etc. Hang up new washing.
Three O'Clock
3:00 Baby Boo wakes up. Change her clothes, put my laptop, notebook, tablet, camera..everything away! 
Let her wake up properly. 
3:30 Playtime! We might do colouring, reading, playing with cuddlies, numbers & letters, painting or perhaps go to the park.
Five O'Clock
5:00 Tidy away toys. Put away clean washing, sort out clothes for tomorrow and Baby Boo's Pj's.
5:30 Start cooking dinner. Dither around the house, until tea time.
Six O'Clock
6:00 Dinner time. Baby Boo refuses to eat anything. 
By the time me and the boyf  have finished eating, she decides to start. 
Seven O'Clock
7:00 Wash up, tidy kitchen. Bath time for Baby Boo.
7:30 Pj's on. Need cup of tea. Take Baby Boo up to bed.
7:35 She fights it, gets grumpy. 
7:40 Gives all her toys goodnight kisses, and has to give each one a 'drink'.
Eight O'Clock
8:30 Catch up on social media, while sat next to Baby Boo waiting for her to go to sleep.
8:45 Realise she probably fell asleep ages ago, and go downstairs.
Nine O'Clock
9:00 Catch up on soaps, tidy up toys. Why is there always toys out?!
9:30 Probably have a snack, like a bowl of cereal haha
Grab a quick bath/shower. Put on Pj's. 
Check on Baby Boo.
Ten O'Clock
10:00 Pop on a movie, and sit down in front of my laptop.
Write some more posts, edit photos etc.
Eleven O'Clock
11:00 Chill out with the boyf. Watch something lame on tv.
11:30 Make tea. Get ready for bed. 
11:45 Finally get into bed!
Scour Pinterest, look at random websites on tablet in bed.
One O'Clock
1:00 Fall asleep. What have I been doing?!

What does your typical day look like?


Unknown said...

This sounds A Lot like my typical day! Although I try to take Lizzy (also 1) out to playgroup twice a week to meet other mums and for her to socialise a bit! #twinklytuesday


LittleOandme said...

Fab post. Although I'm now tired just from reading it. We do so much in a day don't we!?

Anonymous said...

This definitely sounded like my dad when I was on maternity leave! It's very different now of course but I do remember this well - it was lovely!! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

Sarah said...

It doesn't seem like a lot, but it really is! The mess is neverending!Haha

Unknown said...

It is great to see how other get through the day! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

Unknown said...

This is pretty much the same as my day, except there is NO WAY I could stay up as late as you that often. I get so tired that I give up at 9.00pm most the time and have to force myself to stay awake.