Easter Basket for One Year Old

I decided, for Easter this year I didn't really want to buy Baby Boo any chocolate. She's only one, and she doesn't need it! (Besides she'll probably get some from her grandparents!) I thought about making her an Easter Basket, and I scoured Pinterest for ideas, but all the ideas were aimed at older children. So I decided to just come up with my own! So here are my;

The basket is second hand, but it fits the purpose! :) For the grass in the basket, I simply used shredded tissue paper. Here's what I included in the basket;

1. Soft toy bunny
Sure she already has a lot of cuddly toys, but this bunny is just so cute & fluffy! There needs to be a little toy in there somewhere :)
2. Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt book
Like any little one nowadays, Baby Boo is obsessed with Peppa Pig. This little hardback book is full of bright images, and not too many words, so she doesn't get distracted when we read it!
3. Rabbit's Nap book
Another little hardback book. Baby Boo loves her books at the moment, so these are perfect. I love the books from Julia Donaldson & Alex Scheffler (The creators of The Gruffalo), and the illustrations are gorgeous, big and bright. Once again there is not too many words, so Baby Boo doesn't get distracted. 
4. Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs book
Another big & bright, colourful Easter themed book about what bunny rabbits do at Easter!
5. Bunny Ears
Because who doesn't love bunny ears?
6. Homemade Playdough
I made some pink & yellow homemade playdough, and popped it in these little tubs. You can find the tutorial here.
7. Jigsaw Puzzle
A little colourful, big & chunky easter jigsaw puzzle. It only has 24 pieces, and Baby Boo enjoys playing with puzzles at the moment.
8. Jellycat Bunny Bag.
Baby Boo has got to the age where she loves carrying around little bags, and filling them up with a selection of odd items! This bag is such a cute little Jellycat bunny, so perfect for Easter.
9. Colouring Book
Baby Boo has started scribbling with crayons recently. She's always asking to get them out. She does already have one colouring book, but this one is nice and Easter themed with large images.
I can't wait to see Baby Boo's face when she open this on Easter Sunday! :)

What would you include in an Easter basket?


Catriona Stephen said...

I'm not buying my little boy chocolate either. I was thinking of making an Easter basket, but I haven't gotten around to it yet and we're away most of this week, but I've bought him a few Easter books so they will be his present :) love the contenrs of your basket, we've got a few of the books similar to Rabbit's Nap and they're a huge hit xx

Emma Cox said...

I love this! It's such a sweet idea!


Sarah Bear =] said...

I think books are always a nice present for little ones. :)