Eisberg Alcohol-Free Wine

I was recently given the opportunity to try out some alcohol free wine from Eisberg.

Their wines are not only alcohol free but also low calorie, a perfect late night tipple for those who are watching their weight, cannot drink for health reasons (or don't want to!) 
or like me..are pregnant!

"Eisberg wine is made the same way as any other, it is once it has been made that the clever stuff happens and the alcohol is removed from the wine."

I chose to try the Rose wine. The bottle and wine itself looks very similar to normal wine. (So perfect if you are trying to hide the fact you are not drinking!). The taste of the wine is really delicious, and so fruity. You can really taste the grapes, as well as hints of strawberry too. Yum Yum! 
It's not too sweet, and does actually have a slightly wine-ish flavour. 

Eisberg wines are such a great alternative from alcohol, whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding or just don't want to drink alcohol, it's a great choice. 
It's such a refreshing and delicious substitute for wine.
So if you are looking for a non-alcoholic alternative, I recommend you look no further.
You can find Eisberg's full range here.
This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own wine to review. All opinions are my own.

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