The Lime Kiln Inn

For my Mum's & Aunty's Birthday last week, my family and I went out for a meal at The Lime Kiln Inn, Somerset. 
It's a traditional 17th Century Inn in the village of Knole.
Considering we had a meal during a weekday lunchtime, it was actually quite busy! The pub has a separate dining area though, so there was plenty of room for all of us. (11 of us!) 

The menu is very varied, with a lot of choice and reasonable prices.
I was very hungry, so I decided to go for the chicken breast, with BBQ sauce & cheese, with a side of chips, salad and coleslaw. (Don't judge me, I was hungry, and I love chicken & bbq sauce!)
All of our meals came out fairly quickly, and soon after one another which was great. 

Sadly, I was a little disappointed with my meal, I'm sorry to say.
When I started eating, I discovered that it wasn't chicken breast, but instead chicken pieces. The cheese on top had clearly been reheated too many times and the BBQ sauce was so runny! 
It drowned the whole plate including the salad, which I then could not eat. 
Apart from my meal though, I do know that the rest of my family enjoyed their meals!
My mum ordered the Ploughmans which came with two massive slabs of cheese. Mmm cheese!

The staff were very friendly and attentive, and the pub itself had a lovely atmosphere.
As I brought Baby Boo, and my other 2 year old cousin, they were just eating sandwiches.
They did make a lot of crumbs, of which we tried to pick them up, 
but we did apologise to the staff for the mess, and they didn't seem to mind. 
Unlike another pub we visited recently, when the staff got really cross at the mess they made! 

Another small criticism I just need to say, sadly the pub does not offer any form of baby changing space, not even a fold away table. I had to change Baby Boo on the bathroom floor. 

Apart from my meal, and the baby changing issue, we did have a lovely time.
The pub & staff are very welcoming, and I would like to go back soon.
(As long as Baby Boo doesn't need changing, and I order something else!)

Have you ever visited The Lime Kiln Inn?
Have you ever had any issues with baby changing facilities?

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