Are Loyalty Cards Worth It?

Large stores often offer loyalty cards. When the customer shops at the store, they are awarded a set number of points depending on how much they spend. The loyalty card stores their points, which can often be used to pay for items, converted into vouchers or provide discounts.

If you're anything like me, you love a good bargain.
Some people may not want to fill up their wallets with loyalty cards, but I sure do!
Even little savings matter, as long as you remember that
'Never choose where you shop due to loyalty schemes. Yet always use the loyalty card if you shop somewhere with one'.

Tesco Clubcard is the most popular loyalty card in the UK. 
Tesco tailor your coupons to you, on things you may like, or often buy.
You can also redeem the points on bonus events such as 'Double Points' and on a huge variety of products, 
days out & even holidays. 
The standard rate of points, is one per pound spent.
You can collect Clubcard points online, and instore, and on other services such as Tesco Mobile, Tesco Broadband & E.ON. You can also collect 'Green Clubcard Points' by reusing carrier bags instore.

The Nectar Card is the loyalty card for Sainsburys, but can also be used in a variety of other places including Ebay, Argos & Homebase. You can also use it when you shop online, in over 500 shops if you go through the Nectar website. 
I think this gives the Nectar card quite an advantage.
The standard rate of points, is two per pound spent.
The points lead to alot of money on your card that you can spend on days out or shopping.

Advantage Card
The Advantage card is the loyalty card from Boots. You can collect points in store or online.
The standard rate of points, is four per pound spent, (which I believe is the highest rate on loyalty cards). With an Advantage card you get lots of discounts, coupons and a free monthly magazine. 
In the run up to Christmas there is often a lot of opportunities for bonus points too!
As one last added bonus, if you are a member of the Boots Parenting Club, you often get bonus points per pound on relevant purchases.
Match & More
Morrisons Match & More is a new card released this year.
It's a bit different to other loyalty cards as you don't neccaserily earn points every shop.
If you could have paid less for your groceries (over £15 spend) in Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, Sainsburys or Asda, they give you the difference in points. For example; 1p difference = 10 points.
You can also earn bonus points instore of 100's of products everyday. 
Match & More has also replaced Morrisons Miles, so you can now get 10 points per litre of fuel.

The Beautycard is the loyalty card from Superdrug. You can collect & spend points in store. The standard rate of points, is one per pound. They run various promotions in store, online & via email to collect more points. The difference between the Beautycard & Boots Advantage card is that, you can use your Superdrug points as part-payment instore. 

There's also Co-Op, Ikea, Costa Coffee, Waitrose, John Lewis & Body Shop too!

Do you love or hate Loyalty cards?
Do you collect them all like me? :)


Samantha Betteridge said...

I think I'm exactly the same as you and have them all haha! It's got to be done ;) Boots, holland and barrett and morrisons are my most used! xx

Sam | Samantha Betteridge

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