Count the Kicks

Before I start this post, I just want to say; I am sorry if this post hits home to any of you readers, as I'm sure it will. But it's important to raise awareness for counting babies movements during pregnancy, and reducing the risk of stillbirth. Count the Kicks charity is all about raising awareness, and they do not wish to scare expectant mothers, but rather inform & educate them.

Count the Kicks is a UK charity that informs mums to be about the importance of tracking their babies movements during pregnancy. They aim to empower mums with knowledge and cpnfidence, and to help understand their baby. 

A baby's movement indicates its wellbeing, and by understanding their babies movements, mums are empowered to trust their instincts and ensure a healthy delivery.

Sadly, the UK has the second worst stillbirth rate in the developed world. More babies die in the womb, or their first week of life than they do from Cot Death, road deaths and meningitis combined. Only 10% of stillbirths are caused by a fatal congenital abnormality. This means that there is the potential to save 90% of these babies. 
A common misconception is that stillbirths only occur in high risk pregnancies, or when there is a known problem. This is NOT true. Stillbirths can happen to any mum at any time.

These are shocking figures. I'm sure you all know someone who has suffered such a terrible tragedy. I know I do, both friends & family. That's why it is so important to raise awareness for this charity, and educate mums to be with the information and knowledge to track babies movements & count the kicks!

While there isn't one solution to reducing the rates of stillbirths, a decrease in fetal movements is a key warning sign that something is up, and baby is struggling. 

Count the Kicks aim to empower mums, and have the confidence to trust their instincts and contact their midwife or hospital immediately if they notice a change in movements. 
Yesterday, infact, I went into hospital because I felt like my little boy wasn't moving around enough. He was still kicking, but it wasn't as much as before. I think if it wasn't for Count the Kicks, I wouldn't have even thought anything about it. But I decided to get checked out. Luckily, everything is fine, the little guy has just decided to hide towards my back. I said to the midwife that I was probably just being silly, and there was nothing to worry about. She said I WAS BEING SILLY to think that this is something to be ignored. When it comes to pregnancy, it's better to be a bit paranoid and 
better to be safe than sorry. 

Count the Kicks produce leaflets with information on fetal movements, stickers, counting the kicks bracelet and lots of other goodies. Why don't you take a look for yourself, and support this fantastic charity.


Aby Moore said...

Such an important message, thanks for sharing. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

Heather said...

Such an important issue to raise awareness of, a great post, thanks for sharing x

minis AND MORE said...

So pleased you wrote about this. A dear friend of mine lost her baby during labour. Tragic and reason unknown. It really means a lot this campaign. Georgie xx

Heledd in Lavender said...

This is such an important campaign and message. I saw the woman behind the charity on Surprise, Surprise and was in tears at her story. Thanks for sharing #sundaystars x