Day In The Life Of A One Year Old

I have previously shared my typical day in the life, so today I am going to share what it's like a day in the life of my one year old daughter! Enjoy!
Seven O' Clock
7:30 - I'm awake! Lets jump on Mummy until she wakes up!
7:45 - Mummy! You need to get out of bed! 
(I decide to take the covers off mummy, so she has to get up!)
Eight O'Clock 
Breakfast Time! Mummy makes me a drink, and some fruit & cereal. 
I get to watch my favourite program Doc Mcstuffins while I eat. :)
8:30 - Mummy eats her breakfast now, but i'm done and I want to get down!
This is the time of day I like to look through all my toys, and empty my toybox!
Nine O' Clock
I have to get dressed now, but I really don't want to. Lets see if mummy can catch me!
9:15 Now Mummy wants to brush my teeth? No Thank you. I'm gonna hide in my play tent!
9:30 I wake up Daddy because I wan't him to read my 5 different books at once.
He doesn't wake up very easily so I put all my books on top of him.
Ten O' Clock
Mummy's getting ready, but I want to play with her make up!
I can't figure out how to open anything yet, so i'll just pretend to put it on.
Eleven O'Clock
Mummy puts me in my pushchair, we say bye to Daddy and it's time to go for a walk. 
We walk through the park, which is exciting for me because there's always loads of dogs to look at!
11:15 - Now we're at the shop, and Mummy takes so long getting the shopping!
I don't want to be in the pushchair anymore!
Me and Mummy have lunch. I love my sandwiches, and fruit, but if the cats come and see me while I'm eating, I like to feed them too. They really like ham!
12:30 I look at the mess I made on the floor, and rub it in to the carpet.
Mummy says that's making more mess, but i'm just trying to sweep it away honestly! :)
One O' Clock
It's my bedtime. I'm very tired, but I don't want to lie down in my bed. 
First my toys have to have a drink and I need to tuck them in.
1:30 I don't want my toys in my bed anymore, so I throw them out.
It looks like Mummy is asleep, so I try to fall asleep too.
Three O' Clock
I wake up. Get out of bed & shout downstairs for Mummy.
She brings me downstairs. I have a drink & a cuddle with Mummy.
3:30 - I'm awake now! 
I want to read all my books!
3:35 - Now I want to play with my letters!
3:40 - Now I want to empty the washing machine!
3:45 - Now I want to do some colouring!
3:50 - I'm just going to tip my toybox up now, to see what toys are at the bottom!
Four O'Clock
Mummy looks tired, so I'm going to climb on her!
4:30 - Daddy's home! I'm so excited!!
Five O'Clock
Mummy is cooking dinner. I might help her by emptying all the kitchen cupboards.
That's helping right?
Six O' Clock
It's tea time, but I don't want to eat anything. 
What Mummy & Daddy are eating looks nicer!
6:30 - Oh, they have already eaten their tea. So I guess I'll have to eat mine too.
Seven O'Clock
Bath time! I like to tip a big basket full of toys into the bath, and then go and see what others things I can put in too. 
I like to splash a lot in the bath, and get Mummy/Daddy all wet!
7:30 I get out and put my pjs on. Mummy tells me I have to go to bed, so I run to Daddy instead.
7:35 - Mummy takes me up to bed and I tuck in all my toys.
7:45 Nope! I decide I don't want my toys in bed, so I chuck them out. I decide I don't want a cover, or a drink, or the night light on. No wait, I do.
Eight O'Clock
I think Mummy's asleep, so I will go to sleep too.

What does your typical day look like?
Or what does your child's day look like? :)


Anonymous said...

Haha! Great Post! #twinkletuesday

Unknown said...

Great post! Ours is pretty similar only it often starts waaaaaaay earlier!! haha! Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

Unknown said...

Haha! Lovely post — I wonder whether she really does think all of those things! ;) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday x

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