Easter Crafts with Children

Baby Boo and I have been creating some Easter goodies this weekend. I wanted to share with you some Easy Easter Crafts For Children!

We created some potato printed daffodil Easter cards for the family. Baby Boo did enjoy this a lot, but made a very big mess! Haha.

We also made some Bunny Bunting! Well I made most of it, and she helped me stick the tails on. (She's only one after all!) I just simply used a bunny template to cut out shapes onto different pieces of paper, taped it to some string & stuck on fluffy bunny tails (cotton wool balls)!

Finally, no Easter is complete without chocolate & cake! So we made these super duper easy Easter nest cakes! (I remember making them when I was younger)

* Mash up 3 Shredded Wheat blocks into tiny pieces.
* Melt 1-2 bars of chocolate, and then stir it all together.
* Fill up some cake cases with the chocolatey goodness (makes about 12)
* Flatten down the mixture in the cases, and make a slight dip in the middle
* Pop on some mini eggs, and leave to cool in the fridge for an hour or two.
Yum Yum!

Have you been making any Easter treats this year?


Danielle Eskdale said...

I SO have to make that bunny bunting next year! I already have all my decor up otherwise I'd of made it today haha - so sweet!


Sarah Bear =] said...

It's cute isnt it! :)