A Little Kitchen Organisation

I have the teeniest kitchen, and far too much stuff to fit in it!
Deciding to tackle, organise and decorate each cupboard and every space, I started with my 'baking cupboard'. 
(I call it a cupboard, but really its a shelf! Haha)

There was flour and sugar everywhere! Odd cookie cutters & broken birthday candles, an unopened packet of frosting, I'm assuming, from who knows when, and a couple of those little icing tubes that come with baking kits.
So I thought, I'd finally put some of those jars I'd been collecting to good use. (I'm a jar hoarder, deal with it :) ), got out my trusty chalkboard paint and made some cute labels.

* I just painted white sticky labels, sweet and simple!
I also needed somewhere to store my assortment of cookie cutters, and I had this good sized tub (I collect tubs too!)

* I searched online for ways to remove printing from plastic containers, and I ended up using nail varnish remover! Genius! (I did wash it thoroughly afterwards!)

So what do you think of my new, organised baking stuff?
Next to tackle the rest of the kitchen! Yaaay!

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