Peg Magnets DIY

I wanted to share with you an easy but super cute DIY today.

I haven't made anything for ages, so I wanted to start off with something simple. :)
You Will Need
* Wooden pegs
* Nail varnish
* Magnets
* Glue

1. First you need to take your pegs apart!
(You could do it without faffing around taking them apart, and just paint either side. But I wanted to paint it all!)
2. Paint your pegs using nail varnish and leave to dry overnight.
3. The fiddliest part now, putting the pegs back together!

4. Glue a magnet to the back of each peg, I just used PVA glue. (make sure you stick the right side!)
5. Wait to dry overnight and decorate your fridge!

I use them for shopping lists, artwork etc!


Anonymous said...

Simple and genius :-) #TheList

Aby Moore said...

These look great, so cute! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea! Can't wait to try this and bring some organisation to my fridge door! X