Are you someone who says sorry All. The. Time?
Then do you apologise for saying sorry too much?

I don't know whether it's just a British thing, but I always find myself apologising for everything including things that are not my fault, 
or when there is absolutely no reason to apologise.

I think it stems down to an insecurity thing. Like if I apologise it'll put people off, stop people getting annoyed, and everyone would like me! :) Haha
But after officially becoming a grown up, I've realised you don't have to make people like you, and you don't have to apologise for everything.

So many times when I say sorry, I think, 
'Am I really sorry?' Or 
'Do I really not give a damn?

So here's some things I recently apologised for that I am not sorry for;

SorryNotSorry to the guy at the checkout who gave me the wrong change, 
and frowned when I told him.

SorryNotSorry to the woman who walked backwards into me.

SorryNotSorry for not letting Little Girlie watch anymore Peppa Pig today.

SorryNotSorry for complaining about the staff in a cafe who didn't like me breastfeeding.

SorryNotSorry that my Facebook is constant photos of my babies. 
They are cute, and I am proud. :)

SorryNotSorry for never texting back anyone. I never check my phone. I'm a busy person.

SorryNotSorry for trying to get past someone right in the way. Don't be there then!

What things do you say sorry for when you really don't need to?

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