You Know Youre A Grown Up When

* You actually go to bed at a reasonable time
* Sometimes you ache and you don't know why!
* You do your own food shopping (remember the first few times when it was fun?!)
* If you don't wash up, you have no clean plates or mugs.
* If you don't wash your clothes, you'll have nothing to wear.
(Obvious? So why did it take 20 odd years to figure it out?)
* Not burning down the house every time you cook is a massive achievement
* Your make up and hair probably looked REALLY awful at some point
(I used to wear blue eyeshadow on eyelids and pink eyeshadow smeared across the bottom eyelashes. Not. Good)
* You spend Friday night organising your week, 
instead of the week organising your Friday night
* You sometimes forget how old you are!
(I'm still unsure)
* 99% of the photos on your phone are of your pet or your babies
* The other 1% is photos of things you're trying to sell to make money for your pet or baby
* Naps are a reward now. Not a punishment
* You drink wine!
(OOoOh fancy!)
* You're pretty much constantly tired
* You have a savings account
(It's empty.)
* All your friends are married or having babies
* Older relatives think it's now appropriate to tell you sex jokes
(It's not. It's still so embarrassing.)
* You find yourself feeling annoyed (or slightly scared) by large groups of teenagers
* You watch TV shows you swore you never would, because they were for old people

* You drink milk out of the carton
* You dance like a enthusiastic baboon in front of a mirror
* You eat far too much chocolate
* And 'forget' to exercise a lot
* Sometimes you laugh while drinking and it comes out your nose

Am I REALLY a grown up?
I don't think so.

Are you?


Jeremy Barnes said...

I just turned 41. I think I'm getting closer

BossLady@sugarandrhubarb said...

Totally right about the percentage of photographs on my phone!! There's also a small percentage of screenshots of Pinterest ideas because I apparently need to pin them AND have the pictures on my phone... oh and floor plans of houses. Oh man, where's the wine.

Everything Mummy said...

haha the old shopping that was a real novelty when I first moved out I felt so grown up! it wasn't until then I realised how expensive things were - I think i pass of as a grown up most days Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars x