Can You Cook A Meal In 10 Minutes?

I was recently set the 10 minute meal challenge!
A challenge set by Birds Eye to try their new Stir your senses range. 
Frozen, but delicious meals that can be prepared in just 10 minutes. 

It's a range of international stir-cooked meals, easy to prepare by just heating in a pan.
We were excited to try them and see how good they are!

Sometimes the days just fly by, and it's already dinner time and I haven't prepared anything!
These meals are perfect for a quick, and easy ready meal but so delicious!
There's four categories of meals; Indian, Thai, Spanish & Italian.
We love Italian in this household, so I chose the Tagliatelle con Porcini and the Rigatoni alla Carbonara.

The Tagliatelle con Porcini is fresh egg Tagliatelle in a scrumptious creamy sauce with porcini mushrooms. After 8 minutes of cooking, it was cooked perfectly, not dry, no funny frozen meal taste. Just yum.

Secondly, the Rigatoni alla Carbonara is Rigatoni pasta with smoked bacon and a creamy cheese sauce. I love a good carbonara, and this one was no exception. Perfect amount of bacon and cheese, so creamy too!
Both of these meals were a big hit in my house! 
I will definetly be purchasing these meals in the future, I would love to try out some of the other flavours! You can find all the meals here.

Stir your senses range is available from all good supermarkets, and retails at £2.99.

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