Day In The Life Of A 6 Month Old

As I have shared with you a day in the life of myself & my little girlie ( a while ago!), I thought I'd share one of my little guy. 
I can't believe he's 6 months old already!
Seven O' Clock
7:55 - Get woken up by my big sister saying 
"Hello! Hello!" and she starts taking my nappy off.
Eight O' Clock
Mummy wakes up and sees I have no nappy on, so quickly puts one on me. 
I wouldn't wee all over the bed, I promise! ;)
8:05 - My big sister & I play on the bed 
while mummy gets ready.
8:10 - Mummy puts us in our seats and makes us some breakfast. I like hard baby biscuits, because my teeth hurt and I like to BITE!
8:15 - I've eaten my biscuits. I need something else to BITE!
8:30 - Mummy puts me on a blanket to lie on. I don't like being on my back, 
I like being on my front! *rolls over*
AHHHH! I'm Stuck!!
Nine O' Clock
Mummy changes my nappy and gets me dressed.
I've done a poo. Change me again! :)
(I didnt poo on purpose, right after you've just changed me. ;) )
9:30 - Daddy gives me a cuddle, but i'm tired and grumpy and don't want to sit still!!
Ten O' Clock
I'm tired! I want milk! My teeth hurt! 
10:30 - Mummy is putting my coat on! Noooo!
I shall bite her!
10:35 - Why do I have to go in the pushchair!!
10:36 - Ooooh this is comfy. My big sister is sat next to me!
This is fun! :)
Eleven O' Clock
11:30 - Home again! Aaaaah! Im tired! 
Feeeeed me!
12:15 - Mummy gives me some lunch. Num Num.
I love my food. I like bread, and apple, and carrot. Basically things I can BITE!!
12:30 - Look at how much mess I can make Mummy!
Clean Me! Change Me!
I'm tired!
I play with some more toys on the floor.
Rolling over & over!
I'm STUCK again!
One O'Clock
I have some milk. I must BITE Mummy!
She seems to be in pain!
I must bite again!
Now i'm too sleepy.
Three O'Clock
I'm awake! What's that noise?
My big sister shouts my name and runs over to me saying "Hello! Hello!" I love her :)
3:15 Let's play! Mummy hands me some toys.
I like to BITE!
We play peek-a-boo, that's so funny!
My big sister wants the toys i'm playing with, so she swaps them for something else. I don't mind sharing :)
Five O'Clock
I'm tired. Feed me Mummy!
5:15 - Daddy's home! Yaaay! 
Nope, I'm too sleepy.
Six O'Clock
Dinner time. What? Nothing to bite?!
I like fruit though, but I do not like vegetables.
Seven O'Clock
Me & my big sister have a cuddle and some stories with Daddy. I like to cuddle. No! I do not want to sit still!
7:30 - Time for bed. I wish my sister would be quiet so I could go to sleep.
Eight O'Clock
I'm awake! Nope i'm asleep! :)

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