10 Disgusting Things Mums Do

What things did your mum do when you were little?
Did she lick her finger & wipe your face?
Or perhaps give you lots of big wet slobbery kisses on the lips?

Mums (and dads!) seem to do a lot of gross things to be honest, and not even bat an eyelid.
All mums do these things (don't tell me you don't! :p)

1. Sniffed a baby's bottom
I mean like get your nose right up in there.
Everyone does that right?

2. Picked bogies out of a little one's nose

3. Licked your finger, and wiped little ones face clean
I think it's just something that happens when you become a parent!

4. Celebrated someone pooing!!

5. Taken a peek in a suspected pooey nappy, using your fingers
Only to discover you were right, and now have poo fingers!

6. Wipe snot from little ones noses, with your bare hands
Or at the very least, using your sleeve.

7. Stick your hand into the toilet
To retrieve toys, dummys, whole toilet rolls, or even shoes.

8. Picked out ear wax

9. Deliberately caught vomit

10. Gone to the toilet, whilst holding baby

What disgusting things have you done as a parent?

Or maybe you're not a parent, 
but you've still done these things! Haha


Mummy In a TuTu said...

Hahaha done half of these already at least and shes only 7 months. Dear god the horror to come!!


Meg said...

Haha, love this! The other day I licked my finger to rub some food from my daughters face ... and then as she wriggled away in disgust I had a really vivid memory of my Mum doing the same to me! x #thelist

Heledd in Lavender said...

Yes, all true and all disgusting... but why doesn't it bother us anymore?! Thank you so much for linking up to #SundayStars xx

Hannah - Budding Smiles said...

Haha 19 months in and I'm sure I've done all of these!xx #TheList

Catie: Imperfect Mum said...

So many disgusting things and many that can't be named but washing dog poo off shoes is just the absolute worse job in the world. Makes me gag!

Blissful Domestication said...

Ha Ha! I have definitely done all of these things repeatedly, and still continue to do so even though they are disgusting! via #TheList